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  • M. Roque "Semicomatose" - Works Great for MeI'll keep this short and sweet: I am surprised how well these work for me. A quick press against my underarms before bed one night and I enjoy the next 5 days without sweat stains. Even going to the gym and showering/soaping multiple times some days, they still last me 5 days. It may not be the full week, but I'll take quality over quantity and these things have me impressed.
  • S. Licht - Radical Dietary Change, Unquestionable Positive ResultsFirst there were the uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea that began occasionally and graduated to daily - I was afraid to leave the house and knew where every restroom was in every store and planned my travel routes accordingly. Ruined clothing was innumerable. That escalated over about three years. Then after suffering through a bout of what I can only describe as "the flu" some other sinister thing was at work that totally destroyed my GI system. For the better part of one year the constant abdominal pain radiated around and up my back. The only way to get any sleep or rest was using prescription pain medications. The diarrhea was continual. A close friend had two young boys with GI and food allergy problems and recommended this book, which I ordered, but didn't read until about 9 months after purchase. Wha-LA! After 5 weeks tremendous progress - Real Stool! The "Legal/Illegal List" is a God-send. I have purchased about 10 copies and provided them to friends, my doctors and anybody who will listen. A many years Candida sufferer has found her answers. Highly recommended when you and the medical community can't figure out what's wrong...
  • kbdabear "kbdabear" - Could have changed historyIf this book had been available in 1969, Ted Kennedy would have read How to Avoid Huge Ships. On that night back from the party, he would have known how to tell the difference between Huge Ships and small islands. But since Sen. Kennedy didn't know How to Avoid Huge Ships, or what a huge ship looks like in the dark, he mistook Chappaquiddick Island for a Huge Ship and swerved off a bridge to avoid it. Had the accident not happened, Ted Kennedy would have been elected President all thanks to How to Avoid Huge Ships (and how to distinguish them from small islands).

    How to Avoid Huge Ships could have changed history, along with a book on How to Drive Huge Oldsmobiles
  • Dr_A. - A book that will rock your world!I heard from a colleague that Zeitoun was required reading for incoming freshman at Tulane University a few years ago, so I gave it a read...Oh my goodness! I was moved between mirth, horror, delight, and anger, and left the closing of the book with the, "Oh, my God, this could have happened to anyone. This could have happened to my family had we not left New Orleans in 2000." It is a stark reality text that will leave you aching to know how the family is doing today and how to help should any future disaster like Hurricane Katrina occur in the future. Anyone, pre-teen on up MUST read this text! Yes, it is in a breezy, journalistic style of writing, yet all the better for a pick-up and put-down text that you can keep in the car for bits and pieces of reading time.