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  • Karen Lueken - Purchased as a giftPurchased this item and multiple products to go with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 as an overall and comprehensive gift for someone that had almost absolutely no technological abilities and had actually spent just a short period of time on a smaller tablet. She's had fun, she's already learned a lot and will continue too probably. Enjoy all the apps that are available in the android market. She just adores the 10.1 screen and loves playing games on it but we'll probably have it wore out in the coming months. The only issue so far is that we've already almost wore out the stylus. She's spent hours playing Angry Birds (three of them) and Solitaire and just enjoys the concept of being able to play on a tablet, at her age, without having all the difficulties and encumbrances of the tactile items.
  • Leah - I love this machine!It is basically a juicer but you can keep the pulp from fruits and veggies also. Easy to use, not messy..was recommended by my doctor as a way to lose weight...
  • Dr. Stephen W. Law "Stephen Law" - The author commentsHi

    The previous reviewer, S J Synder, suggests that my book tries to "prove" there is no God. It doesn't. It does not even to try to show there is probably no God. In fact the book does not argue against theism at all!

    However, the book does contain an entire section on the myth of "You can't prove a negative" (it's in chapter one), particularly as employed by theists to try to immunize what they believe against intellectual attack.

    So it is highly ironic that the previous reviewer should choose to play that card in defence of theism here. It appears that S J Synder has not actually read the book.

    (PS excuse the self-praising stars but I had to choose something!)

    Stephen Law - author
  • Gamer - Vastly Superior To Other Leading Banana SlicersOver the years I've tried just about all of the major brand banana slicers: The SEGURA 441, The LANGERHAUSEN BANANA-MATIC, and of course, the ORIGINAL CHIQUITA-BLADE, the pioneering Banana Slicer from back in the 60's. As a matter of fact, I still have a brand new CHIQUITA-BLADE, unused, in the ORIGINAL packaging (now a collector's item if anyone out there is interested.) But I have to admit, nothing comes close to the new HUTZLER 571. It's a dream to use, combining the elegant lines of the YAKAMICHI 4000 POWERSLICER with the speed and power of the PEDLOW ULTRA-NANA -- with the all the flash and sizzle we've come to expect from HUTZLER. They've also eliminated a lot of the shim and wobble from the previous 570 model that sometimes tended to mush the end pieces ever-so-slightly. Some of my friends say HUTZLER has slipped in the past few years. That they don't care about quality banana slicing anymore -- ever since the Old Man suffered his stroke. But this product is proof-positive that Hank and Harry, Jr. are doing a great job of running the HUTZLER company -- and bringing lots of bold new ideas to the table (I L-O-V-E the new Plaintain Adapter!!!). Also, according to a news release from the company, they've totally upgraded the factory in Shanghai since the fire. So, as far as I'm concerned, even if Harry Sr. never makes it back to day-to-day operations, the 571 is proof-postive that the HUTZLER boys seem to have everything under control. Keep it up guys -- can't wait for the 572!
  • firewife30 - I love proactivI have used Proactiv off and on for MANY (12+) years. In the past I would use it for a few weeks, then my skin would become very dry and peel. Then a someone told me that I have to use a moistureizer on top of it. I thought, for a long time, that the repairing lotion was to work as a moisturizer also. This was not true. Since then I have had NO problems what so ever. I use it once a day, at night, and rinse my face with cold water in the morning. Using it once a day stretches the product from a 2 month supply to a 4 month. I swear by it amd recomend it to all my friends.