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  • Johnny "JG." - Great DealI got this black friday bundle for 199, like most of you. After weighing in on whether to get the 500gb system for 299 or this 250gb system I decided to go for this and buy a seagate 1tb hard drive for 88 bucks. I liked all the games you get with this bundle, and since swapping the hard drive only takes a couple minutes, it seemed like the wise choice for me. So after my 2 day shipping with prime I recieved it yesturday and it was a snap to hook up, easy to connect to my Uverse system and can stream movies off my computer now, plus hulu, amazon instant movies, etc. This is my first playstation since the original came out and great to know I can still play my old games (although I understand you can't play ps2 games on it, I don't have any anyway)
    I spent a few hours setting everything up in the menus, playing around with pictures, videos, music before I even thought about playing a game. I popped in Little Big Planet, which I bought seperatly and noticed how quiet the system was. I had heard comments about fan noises, etc, and was expecting to hear something more than I did. After playing for a while it was time to give it a rest before my controller ran out of juice. (I don't know how long they last on a charge, but i'm sure it was most likely dead when I got it, and I only kept it plugged in for a little while during the initial setup.
    Overall i'm very impressed with the system and the amount of things it can do for 200 bucks.
  • - SCD works!I've been on SCD for more than two years, it really works! Even living a busy life as a mother and business owner in NYC I find this diet easy to follow. SCD is much easier then being sick! While strictly following SCD I have been able to travel on many occasions. I've been to Europe twice without problems. When I'm either traveling or at home I always eat out in fine restaurants without difficulties. I order my favorite foods, grilled steak, fish, lobster, shrimp, or chicken. Ordered with fresh vegetables, salads, and fruit & cheese for desert never makes me feel different then my dining companions. I can even drink wine. One is only limited by their imagination on this diet. I love to cook so I easily find all types of recipes to convert into a version to fit the SCD. The SCD has given me my life back from years of drugs, flare ups and constantly dashing off to find a bathroom! I was desperately searching for a way to get off drugs when I found the scdiet.org website. I gave it an honest try and it worked. Finally got off the drugs and never looked back! Elaine Gottshall I don't know where I'd be without your book and the SCD. I only wish my doctor had given me the choice to start following a diet like this when I was first diagnosed with colitis.