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  • Mark Bevins - Great upgrade for my Mac MiniI took a chance that this would work on my Mid 2011 Mac Mini- and after a quite intense install - the Crucial M500 was mounted and boy did this work! - not only did it speed my machine up- but it really makes my experience an amazing time. I am thankful for this upgrade, and I am very pleased with this SSD.

    Heat probably went down 50% for my machine or more - and startup of applications is almost instant (or at least 75%+ faster) - if you have a Mac Mini with an older drive this would be a great upgrade
  • Maurice A. Rhodes - Finally, someone has it rightAfter doing a lot of reading in modern philosophers looking for a view of morality that can stand alone (without the support of a god) here it is. I thought John Rawls was close but even he was wobbly at the end. And he was dealing mainly with political morality, not individual morality. But Sam Harris, in very clear prose and impeccable reasoning from scientifically valid experimental data, has shown that morality and the accompanying emotions charted on MRIs are a product of the human brain not some stone tablets thrown down from a mountain. There is a way to go but that is science. There is always new and better evidence but what Sam has presented in this book shows the right road to take.

    Religion does not offer evidence, but myth.
  • MayaP - Feels like the professional hair removalI just received the Remington iLight Pro, and used it for the first time.
    The machine doesn't look too fancy. It's small and lightweight and the plastic that it's made of doesn't seam very expensive.
    The instructions are very simple, the machine is very easy to use.
    I was very skeptical that such a small machine would be able to penetrate deep enough and with enough power into my skin to reach and burn the hair to it's root.
    However, when I actually used the machine it felt like it was burning and it left red marks! I even smelled the burned hair smell which indicated that it's working!
    I like that I can repeat this every two weeks, so I am planning to use it every two weeks for as long as I have any hair in unwanted places.
    I do not expect this to permanently remove all my hair in 3 sessions that is absurd because even the professional treatments don't have those kind of results. But if I use this every two weeks , I expect to have very little hair regrowth which is better then shaving or plucking.
    Be careful not to use setting 5 if you don't test that area of the skin on the skin sensor you might burn. This machine is very powerful!!!!!!!!!
    It took me about 30 minutes to cover both lower legs.
    All in all, I highly recommend this device because you can buy new cartridges for only 24 dollars, you can spot treat unwanted hair if you have already went to professional laser treatments and have hairs only in some areas, it's less expensive then going to a spa, it saves time, you can repeat every two weeks, you can zap single hairs on body, and it has a 2 year warranty in case it stops working. Good luck I hope my review helped.