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  • PP FAN "K-toe" - Cows can not flyWhat a fun trip to NY to Gristedes at E.68th & First. Problem is, they would not let me take the wonderful Tuscan milk on the plane back to Ohio. Seems a gallon of milk is a terrorist weapon. Please, please Tuscan - make this delicious product in 3.9 oz containers so I can fill a quart plastic bag with them and take Tuscan Milk on an airplane.
  • Lynn M. Bishop "lbishop43" - Organo Gold - Life SaverI found out last year that due to an autoimmune disease that the doctor discovered, I would among other things, have to remove caffeine from my diet. What...get up at 4:30 in the morning and hit the highway with no caffeine??? Then my homeopathic doctor recommended Organo Gold! It tastes great and gives me the zoom zoom in a natural healthy way. I recommend it to friends too. Actually, it is much more cost effective also, vs. the decaffeinated Kerig cups. Great stuff!