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  • Terry S. "Terry" - I LOVE my Kindle!I am both an avid reader and a busy traveler. I bought this on a bit of an impulse - I love gadgets. As soon as it arrived I was hooked and now wherever I to my Kindle goes too!

    Pros -
    It is a nice size, shape and weight so the reading experience is familiar. I take it any time I think I'm going to have to sit and wait - at the doctor, getting my hair cut - you name it. If you can carry a book then you can carry this too. I can carry ALL the books I want to read and I'm still only carrying one Kindle...leaves a lot more room in my suitcase/briefcase.

    You can order new books from anywhere in the US - on the beach, sitting on the tarmac at the airport so you're never wthout a good book.

    My mom has macular degeneration and was missing being able to read. With the Kindle she can enlarge the type and is happily reading again! She also says that the screen itself is very easy on her eyes so she doesn't feel eye fatigue or stress

    Cons - Really only that I too agree that the books should be cheaper since there is no traditional printing costs - paper, ink , etc. Also I subscribed to the USA Today but cancelled it - just didn't read it routinely enough to be worth the cost for me.

    Future - I look forward to more authors signing up for this form of publication.
  • Adrian Groglopo - A necessary bokVery well found it and important sources from the time scientific medicine research was not biased by pharmacological corporations. A guide for a healthier understanding of food-body relationship for people with or without severe intestinal problems.
  • EODJeff - Watch out for knockoffs!I too was taken in by a knockoff...this time on Craigslist...I eagerly puchased said shirt for 14.95 and couldnot wait to recieve it. At first all seemed normal, until i put it on...there was no coursing of power through my veins, no addiitonal chicks talked to me (in fact my mother stopped talking to me) and it felt all around the same. So i took my shirt to the local shaman (he lives behind the dumpster at Denny's) and he quickly pointed out the flaws in my shirt:

    1. My shirt did not depict the moon, but instead a picture of a styrofaom model of the moon, which reduced it's power by 78%
    2. the wolves on my shirt were actually hyenas and they were laughing, not howling, which completely negated all power of the wolf.

    Boy was I surprised. So I went back to the women seeking men section of craigslist (where I found the shirt originally) and demanded a refund. weird tho, the user had been removed, so i was SOL.

    happily I found this shirt here on Amazon. As soon as i ordered it I knew I had made the right choice. A cutomer service representative from my bank calle dme to verify the purchase and as soon as she heard my voice, she melted and wanted to have my children. through the phone! Upon receipt, the box was pulsating, (as did many more after I donned the shirt!) and I could feel the power. Immediately on wearing the shirt, my mullet was both longer and shorter! The government boughtoff on my workman's comp claim and I started getting paid an extra 175 a month!

    Now I am the apprentice for the local shaman but we have totally upgraded to living behind the TGIF's...Thank you three wolf moon shirt!
  • K. Alphs - The Simple LifeThe simple life, oh how we all long for it, in Mitford you will find it. Jan Karon writes with a style similiar to James Herriot in his "All Creatures Great and Small" series. Jan also weaves her Christian faith throughtout the book in a way which is relevant to her reader. Put the kettle on, make some tea, sit down in a cozy chair and become acquainted with the people who live in Mitford.You'll be glad you did.
  • cowgirlsmom - ChallengingI found the book, "Radical" to be both inspiring and challenging. I had heard others mention the book and was wondering what the big deal is with this book. I had heard before, from friends that traveled and ministered in other countries that people in these countries viewed "us" Americans of having our own version of Christianity.
    This book will make you think and challenge your own views of your personal faith. The book, "Radical" will make you asks the question," Is this belief based on the bible or on an Americanized view of what the bible says." We have seen how so many ministries today in the United States are so focused on money and desire things like the big houses, planes and building the biggest fancy church building they can, all of which has turn off the unbelievers. We need to consider what a true bible based Christian ministry really should be.
    I would recommend this book for all Christians.

    Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group as part of their blogging for books program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 225: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."