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  • C. Nofar - Very informative, highly suggested for med school applicationI'm 28 and taking the MCAT for the first time. I'm applying in June 2010 so I can enter med school in the 2011 calendar year. The MSAR book is very reasonably priced and includes answers to so many different question you probably have on your mind:

    What's the application process?
    What classes do I need?
    What MCAT scores does a school require?
    When should I apply?
    What's the school like?

    My suggestion is to buy this book at least a few months before you plan on applying to med school. There's so much information in the book it'll take some time to review and figure out what schools you want to apply to. I've gone through and been able to figure out, based on my GPA and scores, what schools I'm most likely going to get accepted from. For example, if I wanted to apply to a school that's out of my state of residence, then I looked up how many non-residents were accepted to that school. One school I saw accepted 290 students total, but only 5 from out of state. There's no point in me applying there and wasting my application fee if there's no chance of me getting in.

    Overall, I think this book is great and I'm glad I purchasd it. It's only about $25 and highly recommended (should be required, in my point of view).
  • windword - Very nice tabletVery nice tablet. Pleased with the performance. Fast internet speed. Great value for the money. Arrived quick. Do recommend Samsung tablets to friends.
  • C. A. Keefe "Charlie" - Using this product to renew your Norton subscription is easyI'm not going to comment on this product's features, I'm already running it on three computers and I'm totally satisfied. I bought a new download because my current subscription was expiring. It's $70 to renew the subscription with Norton or $31 to buy a new 3 user download from Amazon. I discovered that after you make your purchase you don't need to do the download; just go to your existing Norton Internet Security, click renew, then click "I have a key or code to enter". Enter the code that's on the Amazon software download page and you're set!
    I tried doing a full install on my first computer, it de-installed the old product but didn't reinstall a new one. When I restarted the install it installed OK didn't update the subscription. I used Norton's excellent online support to find out all I had to do was enter my new key.
  • Alisha - 10 years loyal to this productI have this strange thing where I only ever buy white binders. I love how clean and neat they feel. And since I started buying this particular white binder (usually from Walmart or Staples), I have literally never bought a different binder. I've been using these since high school and then all through college and I still use them now! I love the slip cover on the front and back and the strong D-ring mechanism. I generally use each one for 2-3 semesters and then put them into storage with the notes so I've never had one break on me.