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  • Amy Y. "Tell me, what is it you plan to do wi... - Pretty cover that is functional, as well!I am ordering a new one! I recently dropped my macbook pro on its edge on the concrete from about waist high. I had the purple version of this keyboard cover/snap-on case. Luckily, the case broke which saved my macbook from taking the brunt of the impact. Now, I am ordering a new one in light blue. Multiple members of my family have similar versions of the macbook and these covers let us distinguish them easily.

    When the case comes, they look cheap, flimsy and plastic-y but once on, all the pretty colors are pretty! And it is functional- my keyboard has been saved from a few spills by the keyboard cover. I wouldn't be without one. Yes, I am a klutz so I do need this. For me, the purchase has been a good value.
  • Alex Rasco "Vasya" - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi) its the best tablet ever....forget the ipad...this is the best droid tablet ever))love it
  • Anne El-Habre - Yes! Oh, sweet Lord, yes!!!!These pens - OMG!!!! We women love to accessorize like nobody's business. Apparently BIC is hip to this little known fact! Not only do these pens match my lip gloss, nail polish, and various hair accessories, they also match my pink rolling tool chest which houses all my pink tools, including my pink 8 oz. hammer, my pink screwdrivers - both the one that is flat and the other one that has an "x" on the end. I call it my "x" or cross screwdriver. The pens also match my pink measuring tape.

    I must confess while I was in Staples I was going to buy them in bulk but when I saw the purple and pink box I thought they were feminine products. Then I thought, why would Staples sell tampons? Well, I guess in a way these pens are feminine products - lol. Keep up the good work BIC, I can't wait to see what your competition comes up with. Hey Swingline - how about some pink glittery staplers to go with the pens?
  • Maria Llauderes - I would really recommend this for landscape photography it is on APS-C sensor compatible only,I have this lens for a week now,,,mounted on canon far so good tested it in normal low light condition( like normal lighting on living room during nighttime)and it's quick to focus tried it auto focus and manual so far no issue. the image quality is's heavy because of its elements inside the lens and the build quality is very,very good...CA is very minimal on the edges of the object.