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  • reikish - best gift idea, seriouslyMy wife always must have her carbonated water, every day. She felt so guilty about all of the plastic she was purchasing. This is a great way to get rid of buying plastic bottles everyday and polluting the world. She says this is the greatest gift she got all year, and is relieved that the 2 big bottles that come with it are BPA free, reusable, and enviro friendly. Also, you don't need an outlet, does not require electricity. Awesome gift!
  • kadzy "tech freak" - lenovo yoga 11coming from a pc with windows 8 upgrade, this is a sizeable windows 8 experience improvement. It does absolutely everything that I need without undue wait time. did not think that I needed office as I have managed to get by without it for some time, somehow I find myself using it anyway and this version (vs @ work) has a cleaner interface that I easily got used to.

    I am just guessing that others are more of a power user than I am. for browsing, streaming and social media, I have no complaints. IE 10 seems to work much better here than on my pc, though using favorites is still terrible, nothing against Lenovo here.
    the screen is very good, keyboard for my large hands is surprisingly roomy, my one complaint/problem being double letters in a word, sometimes come up as single, maybe I have a lazy typing style as when I am more deliberate, it's perfect.

    as for weight, maybe it is heavier than a 10" tablet but honestly its easier to hold when laying in bed than my old android unit. I straighten it out verticaly (screen above keyboard) and put the edge of the keyboard on my chest. this places the screen about 8" higher and this makes viewing much more comfortable for my neck and easier on the hands.

    I was hesitant to get a tegra powered tablet and was going to wait for the atom powered units to drop to my price point ($450) but I took the plunge on the strength of some reviews and Lenovo's reputation for quality. absolutely no regrets. really appreciate the larger screen, wonder if I will ever use my laptop again. getting an honest 11 to 12 hours of use...incredible since I have been downloading like crazy and playing with everything to get it set up the way I want. the next task is to increase the number of rows on the live tile page...more than enough screen for 4 rows (up from standard 3)
    I'll come back and update if I come up with some significant negatives but so far, exceeding my expectations.

    cheersLenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 11.6-Inch Convertible Touchscreen Laptop
  • Donnie Darko "Donnie Darko" - A nice update from the previous versionI have used several previous versions of this software and have always found it useful, helpful and worthwhile. When planning a trip this software is nice as it lets you review possible things to see along the route and places to stop. I have a very updated GPS program in my truck. We travel with our 5th wheel trailer and while we use the GPS for navigating the roadway, we routinely check our route on the Streets and Trips software to get detailed information about the area. This has allowed us to stop for things we would have missed and see what gas stations are along our route and what fuel products they have. For us this is important as we have a diesel truck and a number of times we left the highway for fuel only to find the gas stations at that exit didn't offer diesel fuel. Using Streets and Trips software takes care of that problem. We can also track our route progress using the software. We can also find and plan on-route campground information and when we pull in for the night we check the area again using Streets and Trips and look for attractions we may want to see.... then we might decide to stay longer to see specific things. Vacations and trips are expensive. I highly recommend getting the latest version of Streets and Trips so you can get the most from your trip, vacation or excursion.
  • John Ramsey - Amazing product, cured me from years of gut troubles!Read about this in Forbes magazine in a story about Proctor & Gamble. I had gut/bowel problems for years (ever since I was in hospital for some sort of bowel problem and was on IV antibiotics for weeks). Couldn't eat nuts, popcorn, strawberries, all the things indicated diverticulosis, nothing helped or worked, even major diet changes. Tried Align and within a week my gut returned to normal like it had been years ago! WOW! This may sound gross, but sufferers will understand - my poop smells and looks like it did 10 years ago, all is right back to normal. I eat anything I want and digest just fine. I have never wrote a review before - this is how strong I feel about this product!
  • Julio Agosto - All the complaints?I was very hesitant make the switch to Windows 8 from windows 7. I couldn't be more pleased that I did. When you install you have option to keep all your old settings and data and I did. I also order windows 8 for dummy's and I haven't needed to even open the book up and read a single page. The new interface is fast, easy to learn and it makes getting into what you use your own computer for, easy and accessible. You can also switch very easily to the win 7 desktop with the click of your mouse. The new Internet explorer is fast and works more efficiently than the previous version. Windows defender keeps your windows safe from viruses and malware. I rated it 5 stars and its the best upgrade I have invested in for my 5 year old computer. Feels like New!