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  • Emma Steed "ruminator" - Acutely observedMany moments are so acutely observed, and Oliver Cromwell's passage through court and country so rapid, you feel as though you are reading a dream. One highly vivid scene segues, sometimes surprisingly, into a different location, a different set of characters. Perhaps this was intentional; our flitting mortality amplified.
  • Shirley Townsend - Absolutely the bestI have Crohn's Disease, treatable but incurable; not a fun thing. I see a Gastroenterologist specialist at Jewish Hospital, Louisville, KY, a most renowned facility. I had been taking a probiotic on my own, but my doctor stated plainly that he wanted me to switch to Align "because it was best for my gut". He is one of the best, and his instructions can be trusted. I take one a day, and wouldn't dream of being without it. Shirley