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  • Basil MacDougal - Way To Go PadmaMarried at 10 years old and widowed at 18 with two children, this is a fascinating novel that spans the lifetime of Sivakami, of Brahmin, from 1896-1962. For someone such as myself, knowing very little of eastern culture, I found it quite captivating. Yet, at the same time, I felt a great sense of connectedness. I suppose people around the world, while very different in many ways, are yet still the same in many other ways. Viswanatham's prose match the restrained world of the Brahmin widow. The language is exquisite and written in the present tense, which, in my mind lends a great deal to the narrative of this story.
    I am near the end of this lengthy novel which gives a very interesting picture of India from the end of the British raj up to the modern era of Gandhi and Nehru. My hat is definitely off to Padma Viswanthan for her first novel! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning of other cultures, other times, and fascinating characters.
  • Rosemarie - Great inspiration to healthGreat explanation and brilliant recipes to inspire you and give you hope for getting back on track to health! Follow the book but always listen to your doctor and keep taking your medications. The help this book may offer is additional and not instead of your medication.
  • LoveLucky - Love my new vacuum!So happy with my purchase! I can not believe how much stuff was in my carpet! And i had just vacuumed a few days before. Some people had bad reviews about how it worked on bare floors, but i have had no problem at all. The vent is in the front of the vacuum, but it will only blow on the floors if you are aiming it at the floor. when you are vacuuming, the vent blows upward. not that big of a deal. Overall, great vacuum and a great price! Oh, and the hose can reach the top of a flight of stairs, which makes for easy cleaning! Great attachments too.
  • OvereducatedMom - Glorious binder is an ambush makeover and time machine all-in-one!All women should get into this most glorious binder! It is an ambush makeover and a time machine all-in-one! An ambush makeover into June Cleaver so you can juggle pies while helping the Beav with his homework. A time machine that takes you back well beyond the 1950s to the Days of Yore where powerful men cried out, "Draw the horses and ride to the hitherlands where you shall seek out the binders full of fair maidens."