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AKUMS DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICALS LTD - AKUMS DRUGS & MACEUTICALS LTD, Haridwar, (India), is an internationally recognized WHO-GMP certified and one of the leading contract manufacturing pharmaceutical companies of India.


Country: Asia, IN, India

City: Chandigarh, Union Territory of Chandigarh

  • Ronald A. Houser "Ron Houser" - Amazon comes thru once more.When my 2008 HP with Vista crashed the geek squad told me it was time for a new computer. I was glad they downloaded my libraries to a disc and on to my new computer. However I soon found out that I had only 27 days to use my old Print Music program. Then I tried to download an update from Print Music but my internet connection failed everytime I tried.
    Well I figured out I'd buy a new one. Musician's Friend offered a 2012 edition one for a good price but delivery time was two to three weeks. So I found a 2011 Print Music for windows 7 at a fair price on Amazon. Now I was ready to create or so I thought. Using the speedy entry level all I was able to do was put rests on the staff. So I switched to simple entry and could add notes with sound. Since my older keyboard would not work with this version I found a keyboard store which sold me a 49 note midi keyboard for $102 And now I'm fairly happy. The Print music 2011 has some added features which if you read the manual and just experiment with the icons you can figure things out. The Geek Squad was helpful getting the internet connection to work on the downloads and authorization of the product. Print Music gave me stock Help documents to read and answer my questions about connections to devices and adding triplets add the end of a measure. This was a problem I had with the older version and forced me to switch to 9/8 or 12/8 when I wanted to use triplets in a measure. I was so glad I bought this product from Amazon. It was avaiable for a good price, arrived quickly,has helped me compose and arrange music for my church and school music work.
  • S. BENT-LETTMAN - Finally!I have wanted a tablet for so long and now that I have this I'm so obsessed with it. Its super easy to setup and use and its pretty similar to the Samsung Galaxy phone so having the phone for three yrs made using this a breeze. Great size and best value for the money.
  • Chobitpersocom - Aestetically pleasing, but not what I expected.I came across these "jewels" when shopping for feminine products in my local pharmacy. I hadn't seen them before as they were new, I opted to purchase these instead of my usual tampon. To my horror, I found they had already been used. Yuck! Whoever filled them really needs to get themselves checked, because that black goop can't be healthy!