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  • shubb - The best album they ever didI remember being a teenager and seeing this in record stores the week it came out. Since FM radio wasn't playing anything off of it, I never knew what a gem it was until about 11 years later when this one buddy of mine stated I should listen to it on headphones, several times at a minimum. He said it was better than DSOTM, as well as Wish You Were Here. I never rated DSOTM as their best, but Wish You Were Here??? No way I thought, this dude's smoking some bomb ganja to make a claim like that. 25 years later, if I could find him now I'd buy him dinner for him convincing me to get into this album. This is the best thing Floyd ever did in my opinion, and now that it's been remastered the CD finally sounds as good as the music that's on it. Gilmour's guitar on this is just freakin' awesome, never better. I could listen to this album from start to finish, and then start to finish again, and again, over and over and over, and never get tired of it. There are very, very few albums I could make that claim about. Don't worry if you've never heard any of the songs on here. Trust me, it doesn't matter....
  • Gary Haywood - awesomejust the best tablet you can get all the features and performance you need to get things done for work and play
  • K. Varraso - Classic and Still The BestBack in 1989 I got my first Mac which began to have some funky problems. I called a service technician who came out, ran a disk of Norton Utilities and voila' -- My Mac was healed! After getting over the fact that I had just spent $350 of my employer's money so he could run a less than $100 program, I went and got the program for myself. It kept my Macs running beautifully.

    Fast forward to 2013. I am way older, Macs are far less expensive, and I still keep a copy of Norton's with every Mac I buy. Now my computer worries are from the outside world, not that the machine will just misbehave. There are bad guys everywhere, from pranksters who want to mess up your machine for chuckles (how sweet.) to major criminals who want to get into your computer to get your financial and other information to steal your identity and your money.

    Norton's works just as you want it to: in the background, scanning every day until it finds a possible baddie. Then it jumps right to your attention and asks you how to deal with the suspect. I have the program eradicate the thing. I'd love for it to track the monster down and whack him upside the head before blowing up his keyboard, but that's still illegal - sadly.

    Anyway, I have a long, long history with this product and still recommend it to everyone I know - and I recommend it to you as well. Buy the program and install it. It will save your Mac and your butt.
  • S. Brown "delia835" - Great Product, but be suspicious...I have been using Deva Curl products (No Poo, One Condition, and AnGell) for about two years now and I love them. They are the solution to my decade long quest to find great products for my curly hair, without harsh chemicals or silicone. However, I am becoming inceasingly suspicious of the authenticity of this product from Amazon. Other reviewers claim that this product is a fake... which got me thinking about whether I noticed any difference in the products I've bought from Amazon and the products I purchased from a salon. Because I've been using the Amazon products for a long time now, I could only remember once when I thought the 32oz bottles of No Poo and One Condition from Amazon seemed different to me. So, I am going to order products (including One Condition) from -- the official Deva Curl and Deva Care online retailer -- and I plan on updating this review in a few weeks to tell you if I notice a difference. Stay tuned!

    **On a side note, there is a difference between Deva Curl and Deva Care products. Deva CURL is designed for everyday use by women with unprocessed curly hair. Deva CARE is meant for processed or color treated curly hair.
  • Renee Klokkerhaug - Mom just LOVES it!Since I live in Norway I cant get one for myself,(it's not shipped to Europe) but my mom lives in Wichita and I bought one for her. She just love it!! She can't praise it enough! Easy to use and gives a superb growt. She says everyone should have one!

    I want one of those too......

    Renée, Norway