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  • cassie omega 444 "& so it goes." - holy jebus!this review will by far be the least articulate review no doubt.

    but the only thing i can say is asksdglashdls.,kdhaskojdhsl;dgskhds!!! this is the most amazing item i own, it's like american express i never leave home without it.

    my dyslexic friend who absolutely despises reading with every fiber of her being is absolutely drooling over this thing if that tells you anything.

    you will not be disappointed. everyone complains about the buttons but i have zero problems with them, maybe they're just holding it wrong? the kindle is every nerds dream. i love that i don't have to simply buy everything from amazon, i use mobipocket and convert my pdf files to that which is supported by the kindle, and copy the files to my device. it's ridiculously simple. people have said that there aren't enough titles to select from, use your own, you don't have to solely use for your ebooks!!! a 5 star rating is incontrovertible, and if i could give more than 5 i would.
  • Oleeve - Medical School Admission RequirementsThis book is very informative giving the detailed requirements for admission to medical school. It's a must read for any pre-med student. No regrets!
  • Carl Thomas Wilkinson - Great ReadThis is an exciting and original way of introducing readers to The Count of Monte Cristo. Sherlock Holmes with asides including Dr. Watson in this retelling of Dumas' masterpiece allows the Holy Ghost Writer to express the tale in a condensed version.

    Leave it to Sherlock Holmes to start picking out clues in the very beginning of the tale. I found myself going back over each passage trying to ferret out the clue.

    Also at the beginning of this tale we're able to identify the good, the bad and the despicable. Each one with distinct personalities that are easily identifiable and intelligent.

    Even though the French and the old English versions of The Count of Monte Cristo were referenced for the book, the Retelling by Sherlock Holmes manages to be much more intricate and exciting. This is Book I of a trilogy, with Book II being The Sultan of Monte Cristo and Book III the Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo. There is a preview of The Sultan of Monte Cristo with this book.

    If you haven't yet read The Sultan of Monte Cristo, you will now know to read it as Book II of this trilogy. The Sultan of Monte Cristo is a very understandable, interesting look at the Count. The Holy Ghost Writer already had me hooked on his work with the Sultan. Now I get even more of The Holy Ghost Writers original voice, giving us another view into the story of The Count.

    Enjoy this wonderful trilogy, beginning with The Count of Monte Cristo as Told by Sherlock Holmes today!
  • Patricia Feller - Powerful and movingWhen I learned that Nancy E. Turner had a new book coming out, I was hoping for a sequel to the wonderful THESE IS MY WORDS. THE WATER AND THE BLOOD was an unexpected, and deeply rewarding surprise.Ms. Turner is a remarkable writer. She has the knack of taking ordinary people and every day lives, no matter what the time period, and turning them into unforgetable characters and profound reading experiences.This book is often painful to read, but impossible to put down. Ms. Turner takes us to a time and place that we sometimes don't want to visit. But every word she writes is true and strong.Frosty's experiences with her family, neighbors, and school mates, are not at all out of place in a small Texas town in the forties. Still her relationship with a family who will never understand her,and the reaction of those around her,is sometimes painful to read. "Dysfunctional family" is a contemporary term, but unfortunately has been accurate for many previous generations.The Navajo code talker, Gordon, who helps Frosty to change from adolescent to adult, is as realistic and sensitive a hero as one could ask for. Their love story is handled with such care, it was like reading about real people. For me, the true test of exceptional writing.So, this is not the book I was expecting. I am still hopeful that Ms. Turner will gift us with a sequel to WORDS. But in the meantime, she has given us another extraordinary novel. Written with grace and passion, and that unique gift of writing about people whom we all might have known.A profoundly moving amd powerful book about coming of age, doing the "right" thing, and that love and respect often come at an enormous price, THE WATER AND THE BLOOD is not to be missed. I only hope that Nancy E. Turner receives the respect and accolades she so richly deserves. I am grateful she shares a truly special gift with all of us who love to read.