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  • S. Bruno - Sad but so compellingDon't we all long to have just one more day with a departed loved one? What would you do with another chance? But what would you really do if one did just appear at your door? An adventure to read that makes your mind spin trying to answer all sorts of questions. And though it is a fictional scenario modern day ethical dilemmas overshadow the plot.
  • M Windrim - A journey from critical illness to healthWhen one is critically ill, any reason for hope is gladly grasped. Hospitalization, drugs and no diagnosis (but lots of medical opinions) left me in a downward spiral. After a desperate personal search for answers, I found this book and a growing support group of adherents on the internet. Two years later I am drug free, in near normal health and still following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. When one has nowhere to go but up, it is GREAT to find an elevator to the top floor!
  • Shawna Lanne "Book" - MesmerzingI knew in the first three pages that this was either going to be a book that I loathed because it didn't live up to expectations or one that i would enjoy so much that it would haunt me. That would leave me wanting more. That would lead me to finishing it then immediately turning back to page one and starting it again so I could I could reread meetings from a different perspective.

    I have started reading it again.

    The writing is lush and I like readier about two women awakening to who they are. The glimpse into the world of women of different social backgrounds butnnot such different core issues 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s is fascinating.