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  • Manish S. Vanjara "Photographer" - Creme de creme of ECG criteriaI have ready many ECG books. I am a Cardio Tech student. Towards the tail end of the ECG course, I needed a book that clearly listed the criteria. This book does this job well.

    Additionally, the author highlights the areas where why it's particularly important to make an accurate interpretation as the treatment would totally differ. An example is the treatment of MAT vs treatment of other Tachycardia.

    The author has also done a good job in explaining the practical real life rules and when to not waste time. An example of such is the wide QRS rhythms where there author suggests suspect VT and most important if patient is hemodynamically unstable --> cardiovert. Only if patient is hemodynamically stable, then bother to do a detailed analysis to see whether the wide QRS is dues to aberrant beats. I am sure I will find these practical tips useful in the field.

    Although in my job, I will most likely be doing ECG's, it's good that the author has given some practical tips on what the cardiologist will most likely be doing. Being by the side of the cardiologist, this should help me to understand what's going on. An example of this is during the tachycardia such as due to A. Flutter, performing carotid massage, and other procedure should lower the rate to identify the flutter from SVT.

    All in all, I found this book to be different from most ECG books in the sense that it is like a ready reckoner of ECG interpretations, with lots of practical advise, and tips in a concise manner.
  • Gina M. Cano - Great Book...I already had a pretty healthy diet but have issues with inflammation due to a cancer medication I've been on for a number of years. The Plan really helped with the pain in my joints and I even dropped a few pounds.
  • BrandonT. - The Noticer Returns is Perfect Timing for my Family!I wish I would have read all of Andy's books 7 years ago. The truth and principals that he brings to light would have saved me a lot of head aches and heart aches. As my wife and I pray about starting a family and becoming parents this book could not have come at a better time. Not only is the story relevant and empowering, but it's fun to read. The ending is magical and will leave you stunned and inspired to live your life. I'm thankful for this book!

  • Jeffrey J.Park - Get out of the road if you want to grow oldAlthough Roger Water's writing always had a bit of an edge to it, the ideas expressed on Animals (1977) are probably his most bitter (along with those on The Wall (1979) and The Final Cut (1983)). Of the series of albums released during the 1973-1979 timeframe this is perhaps my favorite; I really like the combination of the spacier passages and the harder, more "rocking" sections. Animals also demonstrates that Roger was beginning to exert nearly complete dominance over the band.

    Conceptually, the album is only very loosely based on George Orwell's classic book Animal Farm and there are some marked differences; on the album, corrupt capitalist systems are the focus and in the end, the sheep win rather than giving into the pigs oppressive rule. The concept unfolds over three longish tracks (Dogs = 17'04"; Pigs = 11'22"; and Sheep = 10'24") and two shorter tracks that "open and close" the album. In contrast with the anger and heaviness of the three main tracks, the shorter acoustic tracks Pigs on the Wing 1 and 2 are much more sentimental and emotionally tender.

    Musically, this is a very strong album that combines the Floyd's trademark spaciness with a hard-edged sound that was not typically associated with Pink Floyd. Although I think the mix of the spacey sections and the heaviness work, it is (was) clear that the atmospheric Pink Floyd sound was on its way out.

    I recall reading in Nicholas Schaffner's book Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey (1991) that Roger Water's dislike of his audience rose to a peak during the 1977 "In the Flesh" tour of the album. So much in fact that it was documented that he would shout out the number of shows completed during each live performance (apparently he could not wait until it was over) and even went so far as to spit in the face of an audience member in the front row.

    With respect to the 1994 remastering of this CD, it is OK and features the lyrics and art taken from the original record, along with some additional publicity photos (mostly of the inflatable pig floating above the Battersea Power Station).

    All in all, this is an exceptional Pink Floyd album that reached No. 3 in America and is very highly recommended along with Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967); Meddle (1971); Obscured by Clouds (1972); and Wish you were Here (1975).