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  • PEEJAYMOM - Foundation that looks so naturalAfter using so many different foundations, I finally found the perfect one for me. This foundation just looks so natural. I have oily skin on my t-zone and normal skin on the rest of my face. After using this foundation, I was just so amazed at how my skin looked, flawless and glowing. The medium beige totally blended with my natural face color so it was hard to tell that I even had any make-up on. My co-worker even asked me what I did to my face to make it so smooth. I am so happy with this product and I intend to use it forever. No other mineral make-up compares. If you want the natural look, go for the bare escentuals foundation, you won't regret it.
  • Love2Read - Works Great!I have tried everything including men's anti-perspirant and prescription anti-perspirant to help excess sweating and nothing has helped, but I have not had a problem since I have tried this product! I hope it continues to work. So far I love the results!
  • Rextrent - Classic music, lyrics, and interesting take on viewing Jesus' story from a modern eye.This has been one of my favorites since my teens back in the seventies.
    Always intrigued, amused, and even saddened by the drama as presented.
    This version is the one I grew up on, albeit on 8-track as provided by Columbia Record Club.
    So, of course(?), this is my much-preferred version. The singers are top-notch.
    Jesus' prayer with his Father at Gethsemane is beautiful.
    His torment, as well as Judas', is great drama and an interesting imagining of what might have been.