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  • Bubsy - Ok, I beat the game once so far. It ROCKS!!!I played Diablo 2 (D2) online regularly for years. In comparison, I've played this sequel for only a few weeks and I already love it. I beat it one time so far on Normal. The first time you play through the game it is very fun. Below are ten reasons why Diablo 3 deserves five stars:

    #1) Diablo 3 is a bloody fast action RPG. No shortage of gore and interesting backgrounds and creepy sounds. You can play one of 5 different classes who each have dozens of skills. Picking any of countless combination of skills to play your role in a certain way is really fun. And it's nice that you can switch the skills without needing to create a whole other character of the same class and work them through the whole process repeatedly. Much more efficient to enjoy the vast number of playing options.

    #2) Blizzard added a FOURTH difficulty level that is incredible hard (or so I hear). It's nice to have an option over and above in difficulty than what existed in D2.

    #3) For many Blizzard fans and fans of MMORPGs being constantly on the internet is the norm. Most of the low ratings on Amazon are all based on this ONE aspect, not on the features and gameplay. If you get dropped all the time in recent weeks (yeah the launch was bad but it's fine now) then maybe you have a flaky internet connection.

    #4) The Skill and potion timers. So much more realistic for role playing a mortal character. Who could drink 12 potions at once like in D2? There are enough passive and active skills that you can customize your character to need to manage fewer or more skills. For example, the Monk, have a summoned creature in the third slot and you never need to worry about using a skill there. Less maintenance for those that don't want to manage so many timers. They must have spent a massive amount of resources balancing all these skills with the items and attributes.

    #5) You can jump around in your quest list if you've gotten ahead in the game than the quality of your gear can handle. So you can go back and kill more monsters anywhere in the game to get better gear. So you're never stuck. Getting stuck because you made poor choices 20-30 hours ago can ruin a game. Won't happen here.

    #6) The games economic system is improved. Crafting is added! Inventory can be dramatically bigger than D2! No stupid horadric cube! There are auction houses. D2 didn't even have these options. It's nice to have more options. The only reason to complain about the auction houses is if Blizzard forced us to use it. They don't.

    #7) The game is linear and focused on character improvement, like D2. Nice to not have messed with a winning formula.

    #8) The audio dialog. There is A LOT more of it than in D2. Probably 10 times more. Some good voice actors were used. Some will annoy some people inevitably. But it's pretty good and easy to skip if you want. The chatter enriches the experience.

    #9) More dynamic user interface. Everything is simply easier to do than in D2. Buying, selling, using the map, managing inventory, moving stuff to your stash, moving and fighting, etc. Better resolution too. Quest notifications are clear and other enriching content is unobtrusive. It'd be really hard to get lost.

    #10) The Story. Act 4 and the cinematic were awesome! Nice story twist in there. Where else do you get to do battle in The High Heavens?

    In summary, Diablo 3 is better than Diablo 2 in almost every way. Once you play through all 5 classes on all the difficulty levels you should have a gratifyingly sore wrist and be thoroughly satisfied as you've spent far too much time playing games and should probably go to a park or something. If you liked Diablo 2.... Diablo 3 is everything that was and more. If you don't like the "more", then simply ignore it!
  • Ruach - I've finally found my tabletAfter owning four other tablets of different brands, to include the iPad, I have found everything I need a tablet to do in the Kindle Fire. I like the feel of the device in my hand, its resolution and especially the elegance of it's simplicity. I have had no reliability issues, it performs well. I would recommend the Kindle Fire for anyone who already has the smartphone, the laptop, the desktop PC and other wi-fi capable device, and desires an in-between device that is powerful yet simple in design and format, at a price that can't be beat.
  • R. Wheeler - Love this cookbookI love this cookbook. I have made about 15 of the recipes so far and they have all been good and pretty foolproof. Some are more complicated than others. I love the fact that all the bugs have been worked out of the recipe and there are no unnecessary steps. So recipes require you to microwave the onions and other aromatics before adding to the crockpot to help build flavor without having to brown the meat. This works very well and saves time. I really like trusting that the recipe will work and be good to eat. Can't wait to make all of the recipes.