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  • Michael A. Sanders - This is a great book. These fake reviews are from people that don't have the capacity to read.For all you "haters" on Alycice, have you even studied domestic violence? My guess is a qualified NO. As someone who has their professional counseling license and has worked with victims of domestic violence AND has actually read the book I feel more than qualified to rate this book as fantastic. It is based on years and years of research. Most of you people do not understand domestic violence or have a really infantile terminology about what it is all about. Really, how dare any of you not read this book and then leave a bad review based on the case. That is just ignorant. Ms. V. keep up your good work. If I ever move back to CA it would be an honor to work with you. I also went to a speach that Brenda Clubine was speaking at and you really helped an innocent person go free. Her case broke my heart. You helped her get her life back when she was unfairly imprisoned. Don't let these ignorant and uneducated people who do not know a thing about domestic violence keep you down. You rocked against that jerk Martinez. I think you gave him a run for his money. If I ever get good enough to become an expert witness I would certainly immulate your professionalism and take no crap attitude. He had no right to treat you like this. Now he is the one stuck on his views without a background of what really was going on in Travis and Jodi's relationship.

    Hang in there! You are the expert in domestic violence. Nobody can ever take that away from you. Nobody. Especially some ignorant people who want to leave fake reviews on Amazon. They need to get both a life and an education.

  • Splash - This is awesomeI just bought this tablet and I'm very happy with it. It does everything I want it to do. I did a LOT of research before choosing it, and chose it over the iPad because it's Android and because it offers Flash and most of all, with the keyboard, USB ports. I'm going to be traveling with this and have loaded lots of movies, music, books, and docs onto a USB flash drive, so I don't have to rely on WiFi. I got the 64 GB because it was basically the same price as the more popular 32 GB that was hard to find. I know they are going to replace this one soon, but I needed something NOW and couldn't wait. I'm super happy with it so far. I didn't want to pay more than retail for the keyboard, so had to buy that elsewhere (Best Buy). Am disappointed that others are trying to take advantage of people by charging up to $100 more than retail.
  • Frank Solis "Film Buff" - So far NIS is Fantastic!This is my first experience with a security suite. I considered three of them, Bitdefender, Kas, and Norton. After reading many reviews online on all of them, I picked NIS and I have not been let down. It works well with my computers and so far has not allowed any evil little things to penetrate its defenses. I also like there 24/7 support. I bought it as a download from amazon and I also like that fact that I can always re-download my product should I ever need to. These days you do not need just antivirus but a complete security system in order to stay safe online. I also like Norton safe search which allows me to see the sites Norton has already classified as safe, really convenient. So so far, I am very happy with this product and I am not a novice with security software. The download was available at a great price also. I feel comfortable surfing and i know that any security software can be beaten by criminals but with NIS, I feel I stand the best chance of protecting my computers. One last thing, it does not bug you all the time, like some security systems do, so I really feel I got a bargain, because NIS is a true winner!