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  • Thomas M. Magee - Best Election book out there!!!It is clearly the best book out there. This book is a real page turner. Once you start you won't be able to put the book down. It puts you in the councils of the candidates as the talk about the inside strategy. This book is just like the classic books on the elections from past years by Theodore White. They talk politics like it is a sports event. They translate the excitement of the event for the all, especially the politically uneducated.

    Now, the book isn't perfect. Certain trends and bias does jump out. The impact of the minor candidates has been minimized. It would have been a better book if they told things from their side more instead of dismissing them. The authors concentrate more on the primary side of the race. Events at the end of the race needs more attention. Coverage of the last few weeks of the race is very short. The concluding chapter offers some real insight on why things occurred that way. It would have been nice to see more on that material.
  • M. Rodenhauser - Similar to ideas of Paleo, THAT'S GOOD.I know it's not really cool to leave a review for something I haven't read, but everything I've read about this implies it is the same root approach to nutritional science as the Paleo diet, which is nothing short of life saving to many people. I'm mostly posting this because anyone who finds this book useful may also find a lot of useful information by opening their internet searches to "Paleo" & "Primal" as well. Maybe pick up books/cookbooks by authors such as Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson. I have personally, experienced great changes in my health with this philosophy of diet, and so have many of my friends. On top of that, in line with this book's claims, I even heard recently that my wife's former co-worker has been medication and symptom free of Crohn's after only weeks of being strict on the diet.

    I don't care if you use the info in this book exclusively, or come over to join the Paleo crowd. Either way, this diet philosophy is potentially the answer to any disease of affluence including, but not limited to obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, autism, Alzheimer's (prevent), IBD, types of cancer, gout, many auto-immune diseases and even just plain allergies.
  • River Guide "CL" - Norton 360 2013My current version of Norton was about to expire so I ordered the downloadable version and it went into my Amazon account. I next wrote down the key code in case the files somehow got lost. Once a Norton subscription runs out, it gives you reminders to reorder. I clicked on the link to reorder and entered the key code and my new version installed. My other computer had an expired version of some other virus protection program. I uninstalled that version and downloaded Norton from my Amazon account. My two computers are now protected for the next year. This download process is not for people with limited computer skills but for most, it's a snap.