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  • Dr. Bea "bea knight-johnson, tea maven" - Everyone needs to get this message!She takes shame out of its dark closet and makes us look at it head-on, unflinchingly and in many moments, uncomfortably. I learned a lot about myself. Bonus: This woman is funny! Her delivery is that of a stand-up comedian which subtly disarms you so you don't go off into la-la land during the more painful parts I.e. when you are asked to look closely at yourself. I liked it so much, I have spread the word among friends and family who no doubt have already contributed to the Amazon coffers.
  • Bob Eckess - FinallyFinally a tablet that blows the Ipad 2 away.
    I bought one and can't wait to show my Apple friends.
    Excellent tablet.
  • Al T. - Buy it, Read it, Love it, Share it!I was, at first, a little sceptical about this book, as I had never heard of the author before. Being a post-apoc nut, I picked it up. Im glad I did. I put it down only once, simply because my children had to eat. Its filled with emotion, mystery, horror beyond comprehension and, my favorite part, the all-or-nothing survivalist team of a father and his son. McCarthy's genius writing left out everything that a reader might consider to be important, like names. Its only after the tear-jerking end that one realizes what really is important... that a father will do everything in this world to ensure the survival of his son, and vice versa.

    The Road is one of my top 3 favorite books, as judged by how often I put it down. Its up there with Pressfield's "Gates of Fire" and Moore's "Lamb".