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  • Douglas Darchuk - A real eye openerThis book will ask you questions you will find uncomfortable. Lets face it some time that is just we need,I don't want to feel good about my self I need to become a better self. that is why I must recommend this book highly. This book will set your beliefs on track to a biblical standard. And open your eyes to how a world standard is detrimental to your faith walk. I have found the Kindle version best because I like to keep it with me.
  • Richard R - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)This is NOT a rehash of the technical specs of the tablet.
    I received my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and a few moments later, I was up and running.
    I did the brief setup, signed in with my Gmail account and my existing account including calendar, applications were transferred to my new Tablet. Some applications which I favor on my Samsung Droid phone did not transfer as they are currently not compatible with the Tablet (Example CamScanner and others). Note that "Amazon Prime Instant Video" content is not currently supported on this Tablet. However, Netflix is supported.
    I removed the factory default home screen widgets (Game Hub, Movie Hub) as these are not important to me and replaced the home screen with application shortcuts, widgets and desktop background of my choice.
    The Tablet is a great "convenience" bridge between my laptop and Samsung Droid phone. For some applications, I prefer using the Tablet's larger screen rather than using the phone.
    The HD display is stunningly crisp and clear for watching movies or for reading books. Netflix streams flawlessly on the Tablet and the picture quality is ...stunning. The virtual keyboard is very precise and responsive even though I have the Otterbox screen protector over the screen.
    The built in camera is unimpressive in picture quality but I did not purchase the Tablet to be a camera. I have Nikon Pro DSLRs for that purpose.
    I did find that file transfer to the external microSD card was painfully slow but solved that issue by removing the card from the Tablet and doing my file transfers to the card while it is in a card reader instead. (32GB Class 10 microSD).
    Overall, I love the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 considering the price point of the product. It it simply a great product.
    Update: June 28... I had a chance to listen to music using a decent set of earphones and using "PowerAmp" Application as the media player.
    1. The sound quality is unbelievably awesome even with the equalization set to "flat" in PowerAmp.
    2. I had a Logitech "Write-Away Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard Lite for iPad" hanging around and decided to test it on the Galaxy. It paired and works well on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1!
    3. In addition to the native web browser, Google Chrome and Firefox work smoothly and responsively on the Tablet.
  • C. Hopper - Favorite romance books for all timeGreat books. You hate to finish them and look forward to the next one. She's a great romance writer.
    The couples interaction with each other is strong and honest. A great great love. I have read many many
    books..romance and otherwise, I just adore this series of books. You will too.
    I must warn you tho, if you have no tolerance for homo-erotica you will not like these books as Jamie has
    a few men that love him too. It is not a reciprocated love but it can be a bit rough to take for a gentle
    As I said, I love all of Diana Gabaldon's books.
  • Denna P. Martin "the biscuit" - Hysterical!!This book is for those out there looking for their boobs!!! I have never laughed so hard reading a book about getting older and now that I have read it, I feel like actually letting go and letting it be and that I am not alone looking for my car and the keys, thanks Billy for a great, great read!!!!!!!!!