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  • David L. Moak - Great product but assembly takes timeThis is a fabulous product. Although I've read complaints about the assembly directions, I thought they were clear. It is always a good idea to read the instructions all the way through before assembling anything. The 1st page lists all the parts and shows the exact size of the different screws. Each step tells you which size screw to use. The only thing I would recommend is that you use a crescent wrench along with the allen wrench that comes with the kit for tightening the screws. The screws fit tight and are stiff to turn. With a crescent wrench, it isn't a big deal. It did take over an hour to assemble, but it is very sturdy and safe to use when completed.
  • AmberHeartsDisney "-Amber" - Works great!I started having horrible IBS symptoms in December of 2012. When I went to visit my GI Doctor he recommend Align. I have been taking Align for five months and it has helped me so much! It did take a while to start working, I think it was a month or two but I could slowly start to feel a difference. My IBS has been a lot calmer.
  • HackyMoto - Love my three wolf moon t-shirtMy wife was not impressed with my purchase and does not want to be seen with me while I am wearing it. So I wear it all the time!

    Anyway, other than that anti-wife effect (worth the 5-stars just for that), I've not experienced any other super powers nor have I had gorgeous chicks fling themselves at me.

    I'm currently in Mumbai, India...I am hoping it does not attract the attention of the street poopers. Seriously, have you been to India? Traveling to the office, I cannot even count on two hands how many side of the road poopers I see every morning. I asked my driver why do they sit on the road side where everyone can see them building little temples rather than hide behind a tree or in the long grass. His reply "isn't it nice to shit with the sun in your face?" No answer to that one.

    PS this is probably the only true review you've read for this shirt. I can even post pictures but wouldn't it be right to stop my car, get out and take snaps of men taking a dump...unless seeing that sails your boat.
  • Steven G McClellan - Compelling and Entertaining ReadI read 3 to 4 books a month that are mainly science fiction (stress science, not horror, not fantasy) and I really enjoyed this book! I thought that it was only going to be about the moon but it went way out there and made for some really entertaining reading.

    The author provided enough detail about the technology and locations that my imagination created some really interesting looking scenery, ships and aliens. I found myself losing track of time and reading way too late into the night and spending too much time reading in the morning, all signs of a good book.

    I'm going to follow this series and this author.