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  • Alexander J. Graham "Grahamboat" - Exactly what I was looking forI wanted a light weight cordless vac for spot cleaning and picking up cat hair between regular whole house cleanings. The Dyson DC44 performed well in all the needs I had.

    Before I ordered this rather expensive item I checked out many of the reviews here. They were 87% positive, but I also read some of the one and two star reviews to see what some of the complaints were. Now that I've used the DC44 for three weeks I find most of the complaints were groundless. There is more than enough suction and it picks up everything from cat hair and crumbs to tracked-in dirt and spilt cat kibble. Some complained about it being heavy - I found it to be light weight and well balanced. Some complained about it being noisy - It's a vacuum for crips sake: probably half the decibels of an upright. Another minor complaint was that you have to hold in the trigger switch in order to use it - both my wife and I are in our seventies with some arthritis and had no problem in this area. I don't know how anyone could complain about run time as they tell what it will be going in (20 minutes regular - 8 minutes on maximum) - more than adequate. There were comments about the docking station looking flimsy, no reports of brakeage mind you, but just a feeling (?), it looked substantial to me I've never had a Dyson plastic part break in ten years. One point I do agree with is that the dust bin is rather small: but I don't see how they could have made it any bigger without making the whole machine cumbersome.

    I was pleased with how well it worked in tight spots, my cars and my boat carpet. It works well on stairs but I still prefer my DC07 for that job. It is a cinch to remove wound up hair and thread from the beater bush and empty the dust bin. Regarding the price - it is what it is - yea you're paying for advertising, but you're also paying for great design and space-age materials. If you can't afford it don't buy it, but if you do, don't expect it to make your morning coffee or babysit your kids. It's too soon to speak about longevity but I'll return if issues arise.
  • William Peters - Worth the wait for meI've been really enjoying Diablo 3. I was a fan of Diablo 2 and have been excited about this new version.

    I haven't finished the game yet but wanted to put up a review to counter all the 1 star reviews. 1 star. Really? Is it really that black and white? I found it funny that some 1 star customer reviews described playing through the whole game, even with multiple characters and then having a 1 star opinion. The last game I played that I would have rated 1 star I stopped playing after 10 minutes.

    Yes, it is a lot of Diablo 2. Diablo 2 was awesome.

    Yes, you need to log-in to play. I'm sure part of this is for piracy issues. Guess what, game developers need to make money. The music and software businesses are in serious trouble because of piracy. If they can't make money they won't make games anymore and then there won't be anything to complain about.

    I'm really enjoying the game. I'm playing the wizard. I think I'll do the witch doctor next. It is fun and challenging but keeps you wanting to play on and on. The skills and weapons are interesting. The levels are cool. Get it!
  • D-bra - GREAT FOR BAD BREATHAs my husband and I age so does our breath. This is great and long lasting. We just use 1/2 the recommended amount to gargle with as it is a bit pricey. On our last check ups our dentist commented that he thinks it is working..he also likes biotene mouthwash. We have both and combine them.
  • Norman Desrosiers - A seekers bookThe book is a wonderful journey of a young man who has struggled with his sexuality and faith. For others who are seeking an understanding of sexuality and the church from the eyes and heart if this young man, this is the book that will touch your life. I recommend that it be on the bookshelf of the clergy of the church as well as these who sit in our pews.
  • Michelle Carey - Solid computer security....I've been a McAfee Internet Security user for a while. I have never had any problems with the software. I have used
    it on two Sony VAIOs (XP/Vista), one HP Elitebook (Windows 7), Asus EEE netbook (Windows 7), HP NetBook and an Acer netbook (Windows 7). I have never had any problems with installation (I usually just download, rather than use the CD) I have also used Norton. McAfee has been a better product than Norton. Norton made my computers slugglish and it didn't work well with the Windows environment. I constantly received pop ups of things I had to do instead of it automatically doing it. McAfee is a good computer security protection software program without any hassle. I've been pleased. None my computers have ever gotten a virus. I currenty use McAfee Internet Security 2011. I am going to upgrade my systems to the 2012 since my current subscription will expire soon.