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  • R. Allen - No complaints, and best price is here on Amazon!Have two adults around and three hours to assemble this item. Read the directions and don't assume you know anything about what it's supposed to look like....preconceived notions. Don't try to work ahead of the directions or you'll be taking things back apart and doing it again. The assembly is not rocket science, but it's a lot more than opening a box and adding batteries too. There was more work for me in leveling the unit after assembly than the assembly itself. And yes, leveling is pretty important. I suggest digging down in the high sides instead of scotching up the lower sides....much neater and your anchors will work better. And for God's sake, anchor the trampoline to the ground or you'll have yourself a 15' parachute next time a big storm comes through!! I have no regrets or complaints about the trampoline so far. Great outside activity and good exercise.
  • Bengermino - Tiny, but powerful!So far so good! Very pleased with it! I use it to listen to music being 'BT Broadcast' from my phone in bed to my computers speaker system! Works with my HTC EVO 3D Android phone and my HTC Flyer tablet as well as my Windows 7 HP PC.
    Works great
    High quality sound
    easy to connect

    Bluetooth Peripheral error messages and incomplete installation pops up on Windows 7, but all seems to work fine regardless
    The installation disc is mandatory. Windows wont find it 'plug and play'. The disc is small so NO VERTICAL LOADING. I turned my PC horizontal to load. All ok.
  • Dana A - Nice informative read!I found this book essential while planning for our daughter's arrival.. I am well capable of doing my own research online, however; it is really nice to have all the information you need laid out for you in such a reader-friendly attractive fashion. Plus, the author included links to further resources, which I really appreciate.
    The book is not preachy, rather friendly and realistic with lots of practical tips.
    Some people might have an issue with the mention of The Honest Co. in the book. However, the company is part of the story to a degree, and I don't see any reason why she shouldn't talk about it. Alba definitely does not push her choices on the reader. She gives the information, and it's up to you to decide and define your version of an "honest life".