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  • Jon W. Nelson "Nelson" - Couldn't be happierThis console is great. Everything works quick on it, from downloads to installs to loading. It is small, quiet, and doesn't seem to generate a lot of heat. The only problem I can notice with it, is the battery on the controller seems relatively small; I've used it for a week now and two controllers have required recharging.
    I'm not going to dock any stars but shipping from amazon was pretty poor on amazon's part. I could see why so many ps4 systems were having problems, the box they shipped them in could easily have fit 2.5 or 3 consoles. And on top of that, the air pillows for packing were put on top and to the side of the system as opposed to around the product. With the fragility of electronics like this, this seems like it was quite a poor way of doing it as the system would absorb all the shocks and bumps during shipping rather than the bubble wrap. My system was fine, but the ps4 box was very scuffed and scratched on the bottom.
  • true believer - absolutely amazing results!!!I bought this because I was having odor problems for years. I had been to the doctor got tested for everything and nithing was wrong.. . and tried every antibiotic available as well as all over the counter treatments. I just figured I would have to live with this problem and almost cried on a daily basis. My husband was very understanding but after 15 years I was so embarassed to b with him.
    NOT ANYMORE! !! I usually think all products are scams...but I was so shocked by this one. Water and stainless steel???? Who knew? I was so desperate to try anything.. and im so glad I came across this. It truly works. I feel fresh all discharge or odor. This thing saved my sex life and my husband is sooooo much happier too. Thank you Abbott! !! U are a Godsend!
  • mitchstoner - Kaspersky Works!I've used Kaspersky Anti-virus for at least 3 years, originally on the advice of my son who is an IT professional.

    In that time I've not had any problem that slowed or changed the operation of my personal computer. Prior to using Kaspersky I had 2 attacks that totally locked me up.

    I guess due to some questionable places I go on the web ;), Kaspersky will occasionally block my access with a window that tells me there is something likely to infect my computer if I open the website. I always take Kaspersky's advice and just move along.
  • Conchata M Springfield - wonderful cleansing conditionerAfter seeing this product on a few drug store shelves and reading positive reviews i decided to give it a try. Luckily, i was able to purchase it on sale at Walgreens for $6.99 (the product is normally $7.99) and after a month of using this cleansing conditioner, I am officially hooked.

    The As i am co wash is not my first experience with a cleansing conditioner: for several months I was a fan of the Hair One Argan oil cleansing conditioner which was great but left me with a little bit of product build up. I don't get product build up from the coconut co wash and it spreads throughout my hair better than hair one. I figured the jar of the coconut co wash would barely last a few weeks but surprisingly after a month I still have more than half of the product left.

    I am an African American woman with natural hair that ranges from 3b to 4a and this product is amazing. Once I have saturated my strands with the co wash my curls just pop. I leave it in for about 5 minutes, finger comb thru, then rinse out. I treat it like a normal shampoo and so i use a conditioner and leave in afterwards.