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  • J. Chastain - Big isn't always BetterThis book is really small, but it gets right to the point. I thought it was too much money at first. I also purchased another book that was a little cheaper. It was huge, and i didn't understad a thing they were talking about. So yes, i gave this 5 stars because you dont need to know all those technical things that you cant understand. Well worth it!! J
  • Joanne - No Doctor?This is a good book to have in your home library and to use
    in learning how to take care of your family when there is no doctor around.
  • T. Bing "Firefox" - Real JournalismIf you really want to know what is going on outside the United States in foreign policy this book is a must read. He goes into how the white house has list of people to be arbitrarily assassinated without any sort of due proccess. He lets you know that this is not the nation that you thought it was. Again this is a must read.
  • Andy Magruder - Very good set of detailed mapsI bought the 2012-2013 version of this book. The book measures 10.5" X 9" (27 CM X 22 CM). It has 78 pages of maps and the place name index is 20 pages. The inside of the front cover is a map of all Ireland with a grid showing the page numbers of the detail maps. There's a chart of mileages between cities. There's no tourist-attraction info in this book at all (other than I's marking tourist info offices and P's for parking areas). It's road maps, period. It can be a bit difficult correlating roads on a map you are leaving to the roads on the map you are entering as you flip between pages, so it's a good idea to also have a big folding map to get the big picture (like the Michelin map which I also bought). I haven't seen any other atlases of Ireland, so I can't offer a comparison. I have no complaints about this product, it did the job for me.