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  • BEVERLY SELLA - A delightful seresA librarian recommended this book when I first started looking for a good audio book. I started listening and was enchanted. Who would think that a story about a senior clergyman bachelor in a small southern town could be so entertaining, thoughtful, and humorous. The series is a delightful trip.
  • Private Person - Helped out after a colonoscopyI had a colonoscopy about three months ago and couldn't get regularly afterwards...I was going far more frequently and loosely than normal, and cramping/gassy. My doctor recommended these probiotics to me and I noticed a difference in just a few days, where I had better formation and longer durations in between (back to normal). I've been taking one daily now for a couple of months and will continue indefinitely, as they're helping.
  • Iryna - I love it!Good price. Good quality. I am a busy mom, so I do not have to much time left for myself.This polish is drying very fast, if you messed up a little bit: magnet-induced print will "cover" it.Very easy to manage. The only concern: it says 3 "patterns", so far 2 of them looks as stripes, absolutelly identical. Maybe I need to practice more. Still no complains, Happy to have it.