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  • Vallandingham - This vacuum sucksGreat power and it is very light weight. It is perfect for cleaning up small messes around the table and sucking up loose dog hair (german shepherd) on hardwood floors. Also the small attachment for upholstery works great on carpeted steps (which collect a lot of dog hair) and of course upholstery. We decided to buy this Dyson because we have the old school DC14 and it is the best vacuum we have ever owned. Very reliable and great power, also you can take it all apart to clean or remove a clog and it is easy to snap back together. Yes Dyson's vacuums are expensive but they are great tools and worth it. This vacuum is a great choice for us because we needed a lighter but still powerful vacuum for cleaning up small messes where using a larger vacuum would not be as convenient.
  • Christine Smith - Nothing else worked!This was purchased for my 13 year old daughter. She has tried everything including proactive, prescription topical medication, prescription pills plus anything and everything you could buy at the drug store. It has been 4 weeks and every day is a little better than the day before. Her break outs were so bad that it looked painful. Her cheeks, chin and forehead were covered with break outs. Now she just has some scarring that will need time to heal. But she no longer wears make up because her face is clear enough to not need it.