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  • BurrHead "'spresso freak" - What can you say? It's Norton...In my opinion, there IS no better protection for a Windows PC against virus, "malware", and firewall intrusion. Non-invasive, does not consume significant system system resources, and does not "babysit" you as a user (unlike Norton 360...). My 'credentials' in this matter? Over 30 years in building, servicing, and repairing computers and networks and protecting against "nefarious invasion". Granted, there was a time when those first two criteria (non-invasive and consumption of system resources) could not be mentioned in the same sentence with the name "Norton Internet Security", but in the last five years, this has not been the case and no doubt won't again (you listening Symantec..?). In this case, I have to agree with PC Magazine... they give the product "top ratings" for a good reason. It works - and it works damned well.....and you cannot buy it anywhere for less than here at Amazon. Why anyone would "renew" a subscription directly from Norton escapes me when you can simply buy an entirely new license for less than 50% of a renewal fee.... for exactly the same software. Hands down "the best".
  • Tammie Bader - ExcellentI received a free sample of this on smiley360.com. I woke up with a cold sore starting,I applied the Orajel single dose and omg by the end of the day it didn't get bigger. I get cold sores often and I have tried everything including valtrex and abreva and nothing stopped them as quick as this. Very good product!!!!
  • Old Tom - Tales at the officeOffice for Mac has never been as user friendly in a seamless way as the PC version is. However, this version is much improved over the 2004 I had for many years. The only problem I had was that the download version would not download, and it wasn't until I went through my Apple Care people, who sent me to Microsoft for Mac people, that the problem was resolved. I had to recently upgrade my OS on my iMac to 10.8.4 to enable my iPad and my iPhone 5 cloud services to sync with it, which then wiped out my Office. Apple didn't bother to tell me that would happen...oh well. I must say that the service I received from the Microsoft people( in the Philippines no less!), to resolve my problem was the best I have ever had from Microsoft; period. They were courteous and patient even though it took a whole hour to figure a solution out. It was determined that Safari did not like the new OS for this particular task. The fix was to install Firefox just for this occasion...whoda thunk that????? Now, it works great and at least Word is easier to negotiate than the old version. The jury is still out on Excel...time will tell.
  • Kelley - eye openingI was brought up a staunch Catholic, but left the Church, along with my family, when I was 17. I have learned a lot in the ensuing years, but this book has opened my eyes to so much that I never knew. It may have elements that are called into question by Biblical scholars (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/greg-carey/reza-aslan-on-jesus_b_3679466.html) but those make decidedly small dents in a much larger picture. Thank you Reza Aslan for opening my eyes and for radically changing my view of much of the foundations upon which our current world has been built.