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  • Single Mom - Hope whispers try again, Change can happen!I\'m a single Mom of a 12 year old son. I have a 29 year old son so this was not like it was my first time of parenting a 12 year old. I had tried everything counseling, help from Pastors, talking to the school counselor, principal and teachers. One teacher advice was he will just out grow it, the problem was will I survive until then. The truth is he was not going to out grow the problem the problem was only going to grow. Even though my finances said there was no way I could afford the program I had to step out and try. So after much consideration I ordered the program. I listened to the teachings over and over at work so when I went home at night I could begin to use the principles that they taught. I hated going home in the was a war zone. He would not get up in the morning, refused to go to school, he was cussing me out which was not part of our household, he ran away and hid twice, he was defiant with everything, he was not doing his school work and most frightening of all he was becoming violent to where I was becoming afraid for him and me. When I listen to the first CD I was set free and could actually feel like there was hope for both of us. The guilt I felt and blaming myself turned to he needs to be responsible. So I listen to the CD\'s and began to learn how to break the cycle of arguing once that was implemented the violence has just about come to a halt. The last time he hit me I asked him what he felt would be a suitable consequence? He said grounded for a month. I knew that was unrealistic and would only be a daily battle to enforce so I told him I thought maybe he could be grounded from all electronics and play items until he wrote a 50 word essay stating the good things I did for him and good qualities he saw in me. He agreed and though he has not hit me since I know it will be a tool to change his way of thinking about me. Another thing that has changed is he comes home and does his homework without me asking. He actually is putting effort towards his schoolwork. Another thing I would like to add is my son is adopted and his birth father and I were divorce when he was 6 months old. His birth Father makes a lot of empty promises and only sees him maybe twice a year. So the anger stemmed from the rejection he was feeling and I was the target for his anger. But I see the anger leaving and acceptance beginning to take place. Even though the cost was great it was worth it to see the change in my son and our home. Thank You and I am glad I stepped out in faith!
  • The Profit - Prime.I own both the iPad 2 and the transformer Prime, and I absolutely am flat out impressed with the overall experience thus far of the Prime. I have an iPhone, iPods, nanos, everything from Apple, and was super hesitant to get the Prime, but for work and leisure I couldn't be more pleased. Where as my iPad 2 was great at first, this new tablet really steals the show. A lot sites that I previously couldn't fully functionally use with the iPad 2 are now available to me on the Prime. The keyboard design is phenomenal. I suggest you try both before you pick. Make sure that the Prime is in performance mode and prepare to be amazed. There are a bunch of videos online that you can find that helped me decide on the Prime, but you gotta try it out. Love my new Asus!