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Treatment Guidelines, Medical Policies of the BC Ambulance Service - Treatment Guidelines are the medical policies of the BC Ambulance Service, but are also EHSC documents that set the standard of care for non-BCAS providers.


Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: V8X Victoria, British Columbia

  • Larry Underwood "Author - St Louis Cardinals ... - Baseball's Most Reliable GuideThere are scores of baseball "experts" floating around who claim to know just about everything there is to know about your favorite team and your favorite players. Some have written books on the subject; some present their opinions in the dozens of blogs populating the internet; and some are regular analysts on the MLB Network, offering their interesting perspectives on a wide variety of topics. Occasionally, the "experts" are even right.

    Baseball is a funny game, as Joe Garagiola once observed; its unpredictability has been confounding and amusing players, fans, and the media forever; and that trend is likely to continue.

    Luckily, we have the annual Baseball Prospectus, which provides us with information that is more reliable and entertaining than any other resource guide I can name. This year's edition appears to be another winner, taking saber-metrics to a whole new level. If you are a fantasy baseball fanatic, you'd better get this in a hurry; a new season is almost upon us!
  • Andy A. Wittman "aawshads" - Best android tablet right now, period.I have had this unit for more than 2 weeks now, along with the docking station. while there were definitely some initial bugs to work out, this is a powerhouse of a tablet. the hardware speaks for itself, currently there is no tablet out there that can touch the performance. As further optimizations are made for the hardware, it will really start to separate itself from the current crop of tablets.
    To me the sleekness of the tablet coupled with how solid it feels is definitely a plus. the colors are stylish and the brushed finish is almost elegant.
    Some of the early run units had some issues, some people reported dead pixels, light bleed, GPS issues, and wifi issues. my very early unit did have GPS issues the latest update seems to have fixed that issue with my unit. I compared wifi with the original transformer and the Xoom, and the signal strength was comparable.
    Ice Cream sandwich is due to be released for thus tablet on the 12th, I believe that will only make this tablet a stronger choice in what is becoming a crowded field.
    A lot has been made of the fact that android platform has fewer apps, but I must say that in my 2 years of using android, I have yet to not be able to find an app for whatever it is I am wanting to do.
    A big outcry from the developer community, which I an a part of, was about the locked bootloader making it impossible to root this tablet. while it may affect only a very small percentage of users who would want to void there warranty, it is important to many power users. Asus has now come out and said they will unlock the for those want it. many of the negative reviews on here are due to the campaign by power users to get Asus to unlock it.
    overall, if you are looking for an android tablet, you will not go wrong with the Prime.