BD: Medical Supplies, Devices and Technology; Laboratory Products; Antibodies - BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) is a medical technology company that manufactures medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products for healthcare institutions, research laboratories, industry and the general public.

Country: North America, US, United States

  • Geezy215 - Easy, Quick InstallInstallation of Office for my new MBP took no time at all. I tested out the functionality of making a Word document in MAC and then emailing it to my other computer (Dell-Windows) and I was able to open the document and edit it with no problems. Works great just like it is supposed to! I would recommend to others!
  • Monica - Best ProbioticI really like Align and use it every other day with great results! I've read a lot about probiotics and this is one of the only products with science behind them, that has actually publish their data. The pill is a capsule that has an ok size and it is tasteless and easy to swallow vs. some of the other probiotics.
  • Judy Woo "California Yankee" - Quicker Comprehensive Ways to Handle Your PersonalFinancesThis book,"Quicken 2012 The Official Guide", has proven to be extrememly helpful in keeping track of our financial responsibilities. We bought it and also bought "Quicken 2012 Quick Steps", a simpler guide that works well with the more detailed, larger volume. Between these two all of our questions have been answered.
  • Shani "Shani" - Thought provoking, opens conversation, respect for the sharing!I decided to read this when I read about the controversy. It is a stunningly well written book that talks about the author's experience of life in China. When reading the reviews I was intrigued by the naysayers. Read it and decide for yourself if the story is true. The angry reviews are difficult; but when I engaged so many of these people through posts, I found their points sobering, extremely important and thought provoking. Each side has taught me something, and I am honored to have read all opinions. When we move past anger we see the soul and hearts of the Chinese people with all their opinons. This book is worth the read. I hope the experience will help others, as it did me, garner respect for everyone involved. I will continue to look to understand the complexity of Chinese life and values.
  • Seneca - Already showing improvementI've only had this book for a week so have not had the chance to completely make use of all the lessons, but so far, I think it's fantastic. I feel very confident about someday being without back pain, and I have not felt that way in years.

    The explanations are easy to understand and make perfect sense, especially when combined with the many photos of the posture of people in traditional cultures. I have been to Africa and saw how effortlessly people used their bodies even when carrying huge loads of fruit on their heads, but I never understood what made this possible until Esther explained it in her book and made me realize that this kind of effortless movement is possible for me, too.

    I have already taken a free online class and just signed up for the NYC 3-day intensive workshop in January 2011. And I will continue with the lessons in the book.

    I also highly recommend Gary Kraftsow's DVD Yoga for Back Pain. After reading the Gokhale book, I can now understand why some of the moves Gary teaches in the DVD are so effective - because they are stretching the spine. The great thing about the Gokhale book is that it teaches you how to get into a pattern of spine stretching throughout the day, even at night.

    I do think some of the lessons are challenging to get right - that is why I signed up for the workshop, because I think I will be able to use the additional refinement to the technique in person.