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  • purgatoristar - We all have a Maxine in our lifeI have been buying this for my mother as a Christmas gift for 5 years now. It's the gift she looks forward to opening!! She lives for her daily dose of Maxine and can't wait to share it with everyone she knows. She has been saving her favorite ones over the years and is starting to make a Maxine scrapbook
  • katie - It really worksIt really works! I take 3 tablets one hour before each main meal and it helps reduce my appetite and helps block the bad carbs! I have fatty liver and my numbers have been reduced significantly since I started taking this supplement.
  • Maryellen - Bellísimo! Splendido!What a lovely story author Jess Walter tells us in BEAUTIFUL RUINS!

    It was 1962 and Pasquale Tursi looked out into the Ligurian Sea from his little beach below his little hotel in his little village of Porto Vergogna, Italy and saw a vision. He saw a beautiful woman. That woman was an American actress named Dee Moray who was in Italy working on THE movie Cleopatra with THE Liz Taylor, THE Richard Burton and with Hollywood heavy hitter, Michael Deane. And Dee Moray was dying.

    No one ever came to Porto Vergogna, Port Shame, to visit. This must be a mistake. It is and it isn't.

    "Sometimes...what we want to do and what we must do are not the same...the smaller the space between your desire and what is right, the happier you will be."

    Caught up in the affair between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Dee Moray is whisked away to Pasquale's little hotel where she becomes ingrained in our dear Pasquale's heart. Following the lives of Pasquale and Dee for the next 50 years, BEAUTIFUL RUINS takes us from Italy to Hollywood to Idaho and back to Italy again on an amazing journey. The chapters alternate from the story beginning in 1962 to present day and is done with such finesse that the reader falls easily in to the rhythm of the prose. You will fall madly in love with the sweet people of the small village of Porto Vergogna and at times feel transported to the Hotel Adequate View.

    Stories within a story, each character that is introduced plays a part in affecting the final pages of this charming novel. Romance, theatre, Old Hollywood, New Hollywood, the music scene, reality TV, Mafioso, murder, tragedy and love~~all found in the pages of BEAUTIFUL RUINS.

    I anxiously await the film adaptation of this novel. I can only imagine the absolutely beautiful scenery!

    Bellísimo! Splendido!

  • Amber D Nicotera - Great Bag!We used this bag for traveling w/our 2yr old. It fit all of his toys, snacks, etc...on the airplane & fit perfect under the seat. He was able to push/pull it on his own, but the strap was handy when he got tired. It's also roomy enough to hold his belongings for a sleepover at grandmas. It seems well made & sturdy enough to last for a few years. Great buy!
  • Holly E - "Hart to Hart" in Paperback But BetterWhat fun! Evanovich's wit with characters, dialogue, and circumstances is evident throughout. The characters are edgy but believable and lots of fun. While the back jacket promise of "steamy sex" isn't fulfilled, the rest is true. It was a quick, fun, LOL book. Evanovich and Hughes are a great team. I'm looking forward to "Full Speed" and hoped to pre-order with "To The Nines" but will have to be patient.