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  • Nicholas - Pretty awesomeSo to start, I went into this very expecting, and despite the reviews, i was not let down. Yes, it took me some getting used to, not having Start menu. But when i recently realized that you can group your icons in Metro, and name them, the "organization freak" inside of me exploded. I have been using it much more now. As i have 3 monitors and utilize eyefinity, its beautiful and looks great going across all 3. Also, with multiple monitors, it is much improved, and have much more compatibility. My only complaints are Driver issues. My saitek gaming keyboard refuses to work(saitek's fault, mainly, as they are taking forever in releasing a driver compatible). Also, Punkbuster is taking FOREVER, and i cant play a few games. Overall, well worth it!(:
  • Paulette F. Bethel - Body BalanceAfter extensive tests and a hospital visit, my doctor prescribed Align. The OTC supplement brought my gut bacteria into balance and I am able to live a normal, active life. I was so thrilled with the results, which manifested almost immediately even though the literature says it is about a six-week process to see significant results, that I told several family members about it. My 94 year old father had been having problems for about a year and Align brought his body into alignment. He lady friend, 85, had been under a doctor's care for several years and nothing helped her - until Align!

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