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  • Eric Corrales - very informativevery detailed info for the trail has some hostel prices posted and even info I places to stay for free or a small donation . if walking the a.t. just buy it you wont regret it . the only thing that I modified I the fact that I cut only the pages that I needed(section hiker) so as to keep my pack weight to a minimal
  • Julie Lynch - great bookBook was great, answered a lot of questions I had, was honest, at least as honest as Artie can be. I still don't understand the Stern blackout as to Artie's condition or as to why he abruptly left the show but that's the way Howard is, not as forthcoming as he pretends to be. Anyway, I wish Artie & Adrienne the best & please stay off the drink & drugs - you are too good for that. Anthony Bozza is an excellent writer, will be looking for more books from him in the future. Recommend this book highly.

    Just want to mention that the Stern show has really suffered without Artie but it might be best for Artie not to return as it sounds like the early morning hours were very bad for his health.
  • Collin Wright - A must-read for coaches!As a high school coach and owner of an athletic training business, there are many lessons that I will take from this book to deliver to my athletes. This book has provided me not only with lessons for them, but with many introspective evaluations that will help me improve as a coach, teacher, and communicator!
  • Steven Ruelas - Amazing and Simply Genius!!!When I first heard this CD,I had mixed feelings about what I was about to hear.But once I heard "Pigs On The Wing Pt.1" I was going to hear something just as good as Meddle,Wish You Were Here,and Darkside Of The Moon.It opens up with a the short "Pigs On the Wing Pt.1",which is a great acoustic song.Then the epic 17 minute epic "Dogs" starts.To me "Dogs" is the best song in the album,especially David Gilmour's Guitar playing.Then "Pigs(Three Different Ones)" follows.Its a great song about hate towards Roger Waters enemies and such.Then comes "Sheep".Even if others say bad things about the song,it is no less great.Even if some of the Lyrics are akward.

    "When cometh the day we lowly ones

    Through quiet reflection

    And great dedication

    Master the art of karate(yes,lyrics about Sheep learning karate)

    Lo we shall rise up

    And then we'll make the buggers' eyes water"

    The song finishes great though with great guitar riffs.Then the album finishes with Pt.2 of "Pigs In The Wing".Overall this album is great and is a Must-Buy for any Pink Floyd Fan.

    Other Recomended Pink Floyd Albums include...

    The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn


    Darkside Of The Moon

    Wish You Were Here

    The Wall