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  • Just a user... "jlc1978" - Guys - It's for realI'm an engineer, so trust me on this one. Sound is a wave, moving in one direction. A uni-directional cable such as this is needed for optimum listening pleasure. Some other poster, incorrectly I might humbly add, said using it backwards causes the music to play backwards. Installing it in reverse causes the 1's and 0's to start to clog the line since they have no where to go. As a result, you'll get no sound at all. If you do that, be careful when you turn the cable around as all the 1's and 0's will come out at once, potentially overloading your ethernet connection and exceeding your ISP's bandwidth caps.

    Overall, I gave it 5 stares because, in spite of the price (apparently there is one made every minute), it clearly does what it is designed to do.
  • Craig Booth - Awesome!I have only messed with it for a few hours but I love it. It is much better than the other tablets that I have messed with. Ice Cream Sandwich is great I think that it will be a big advantage over honeycomb.
  • Aditi Nayak - Very HelpfulI think this book actually helped me boost my confidence to a certain extent, which I desperately needed. Even though I am not unemployed, I am looking to transition and this books definitely gives you realistic hope and tools to go get that dream job! Of course, in the end what matters is how one performs during interviews, luck, etc... But if you do most of the exercises in this book, you will be better equipped to deal with the situation of job hunting.

    A genuine attempt by the author to share his experiences of job hunting! Highly recommended.
  • Amy Mann - By far the best!!!!I have been doing the Body By Vi shakes for about 2 months now. I have to say that I LOVE THEM!!!!! I have lost only 13 lbs, but I have lost 12 inches of fat!!! I have dropped from a size 16 jeans to a size 9. I do 2 shakes a day, 2 snacks and a sensible dinner! Lately we have actually been eating out for dinner..... I am still losing. Most people get discouraged by what the scale says... I say toss out the scale and go by a measure instead!!! Its not the weight that matters its the figure! :-) These shakes have enabled me to give my body some amazing nutrition that has been super easy for me!!! I generally keep my shakes right around 300-320 calories... anything less I am starving and anything more I just wanna eat! I use almond milk in mine as it has lower calories, make a smoother better tasting shake than regular milk..... I add Hershey's cocoa powder, ice, a banana and 2 scoops shake mix to my 8 oz of almond milk every morning! Yummmy!!! I could go on and on and on about these, but I really do not want to bore you.... BUT of all the diets I have tried... Advocare, Herbal Life, MediFast, Alli, Atkins, Weight Watchers.... nothing has worked for me as well as this!!!

    Thank you!