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  • Audrey W - AWESOME STROLLER!After months of research I finally decided on this stroller for my 6 month old son. I was tired of the huge travel system stroller and wanted something easier to use for traveling. We just got home from a cross-country trip through many airports and over many different types of terrain. I was traveling alone with my son so I had to get through airport security on my own. I was actually able to unfold this stroller with one hand while holding my son in my other arm! The ride is so smooth, you are able to steer with one hand, and the seat looks much more comfortable than the city mini (which I was actually planning on buying before the B-Agile came out). This stroller glides over uneven sidewalks, uncut grass, and smooth surfaces alike. The only trouble I had was when I tried taking it across the beach (I was not surprised as I did not purchase an all-terrain stroller). I find the basket to be sufficient but generally attach my diaper bag to the handle for easier access. I have not had an issue with the stroller tipping over when I take my son out of the seat. My only complaint is that the brakes kind of click once I unlock them. I have looked at the brake mechanism and cannot figure out where the sound is actually coming from. This is just a minor annoyance and not enough for me to lower my rating. All in all, I have been extremely happy with my purchase. I truly feel that all my research paid off. So, if you are still researching, you can stop right now. You have found the best stroller out there that is actually affordable for the average consumer!
  • Simba - Truely brilliantOften the books devoted to movies or TV shows are nothing more than the collection of still frames. Luckily this is not the case, the book is full of interesting behind-the-scenes information and the interviews go beyond the usual "Did you enjoy working on the series?". This is indeed something you can read, not just flip through the pages in two minutes and never open it again. Totally worth to buy for a Doctor Who fan.
  • fanofam - Good product at good priceMy physician recommended I take this product and I find it is very effective in aiding with my digestive problems. I have never been able to find it locally in other than the 30 capsule size bottle so it was a great find for me to be able to get this product in a 90 day supply at a great price. I will certainly order this from Amazon again and recommend others who need this product order it as well.
  • Atomicwasteland - This is a BLAST. Love it.Not having a Wii fit, or ever trying anything like that, I had no idea what to expect in this "game". I must say that I was really pleasantly surprised and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

    There was an imaginative selecxtion of exercises -from running, to balancing, to twisting and punching, to dancing and yoga. There was really a lot to choose from!

    I thought the running mode was imaginative, and probably a hint of things to come. In this module you pick a route through a city -I chose Times Square in New York, and you see simple computer graphics of buildings that you run by. This was a novel way to do a running mini-game, but it will be really interesting in a few years when Microsoft can integrate a mapping service and you can pick a route where you want to go in real life, and do the equivalent of running on a google map to get an idea of the surrounding terrain. This would be really cool. For now though, it is "neat" but not great.

    I also liked the punching game. It requires you to punch blocks in front of you with your left and right hands, as well as your knees. As you might imagine, however, there are only so many combinations you can do with four body parts, but the game keeps it interesting by offering super bricks, ice bricks, and bad bricks (that you don't want to punch). You also have to punch and kick across your chest (which is a great stretching exercise). I found this fun and something I'd come back to.

    There is also a timing game, where you have to jump rope and time your feet hitting the ground. This was really tough to get the hang of, but when it worked, it was a great diversion.

    I also enjoyed the simon says type dance game. This is the one that reminded me a little bit of "dance dance revolution" where you have to step in the direction of a colored light (to music). When this gets going you are stepping in 4 different directions at a very fast pace.

    There are also formal dancing modules where you copy the exact dance/yoga/bollywood moves of a dancer, but this was too complicated for me to enjoy. I liked the simpler "simon says" type dancing which only used my feet. (If you love serious dancing games, you might really enjoy this one, though.)

    There are other exercises, but those I mentioned were the ones that stuck with me.

    And finally, there are three other neat things about this game.

    1) The kinect controls are really superb. They are fun, and easy to use.
    2) The calorie counter is great. every time you finish an exercise it tells you how many calories you burned, so it is an easy way to keep track, and also to keep going until you hit a specific goal.
    3) I like how there are 3 levels for most exercises. Once you complete several variations on the easiest exercise, you unlock the middle one, and once you do the middle, you unlock the hard. The game has just the right balance of training and of mini-rewards to keep it interesting.

    Highly recommended.