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  • Mike Jacobs - Great bluetooth device, it works!!!!!This works like any electronics device should work, almost seamlessly and transparent. I installed it on Windows 7 with no problem. Installation went smooth. Setup is a little tricky and the instructions do not cover how to set it up. I paired it with ease but had to "connect" it to my bluetooth headset manually after I paired. This is done by clicking on the icon in system tray then open settings and in the "audio" tab right click on the icons to "connect" also be sure the services in the bluetooth devices are turned on with checks in the boxes. I have tried others and this is the only one which has worked for me and the price is right. Range is about 30 feet. Sound quality is good with stereo. Everyone of the specs is accurate.
  • J. Finkel "Jack of Trades" - Another Great LeapPadLeapFrog's LeapPad2 is a slightly beefier version of the original LeapPad, but it still falls way behind most other tablets in graphics, screen size, accuracy and features. However, it's one major redeeming quality is that it is durable. My 3 year old is pretty good at handling electronics gently, but I would still be hesitant to risk $500 on her taking care with an iPad. The LeapPad2 can take a lot of abuse though and I don't even have to worry about my 1 year old getting her hands (and much more) on it. While the tablet itself is cheaper than most other tablets, the software is much, much more expensive. Don't make a decision based primarily on the cost of the hardware.

    As for the LeapPad2 Monster University Varisty Edition vs. the regular LeapPad bundle, you are paying a decent amount for some trivial bonuses. The most significant item bundled in with the LeapPad2 is the $20 credit for LeapFrog's app store. It's generally better to have $20 to spend on Amazon because LeapFrog software will be cheaper on here. However, currently LeapFrog is giving 30% off your first purchase on their store. The stickers, cleaning cloth and bonus software included in the bundle may be fun for your kid or not. The protective cover looks nice and may add some probably unneeded extra protection. In other words, if your kid loves Monsters University, it may be worth purchasing this bundle, but don't think that you are getting a bunch of great items bundled in for all that extra cash.
  • Peter F. Schweizer - Don't Caricature Palin; Read the Book and Decide for YourselfThose who like to caricature Sarah Palin won’t know what to do with Good Tidings, Great Joy. They will try to dismiss it, but will ignore what is at the center of this book: a person with real heart, a love for family, and a deep faith. Palin is bold in her words, but they don’t spring from anger or fear but from a deep and abiding belief that Christmas has become less about Christ. What could be objectionable about that?
  • Stephanie Szmuc "mamapanda913" - I love it!!!!!I have researched the net up and down for the right brand to buy. I was using Dr.Oz's check list to drive my search. This site had it all. So I bought 1 bottle to try it out. I got it with in 1 week and they were quick to reply to my emial. Well that was a month ago. I have ordered 4 times since then. I can say that this brand is working for me. I have lost 7 lbs and 6 inches so far. Because I had a hard time researching this supplement, I decided to do my own testimonial on my progress. So if you want to know more you can watch the video's for your self. Go to youtube search for mamapanda913. That is my youtube channel. I am getting a lot of comments from other people too. So you may find answers to your questions there. You can also so find me on FB if you want to talk to me there as well.

    Here is a link to my video:
    Just highlight the line below - then right click on it - then click on - go to http: That will take you right to it.

  • t. mirabz - No more Y chromosomes!I am so glad that BIC finally designed a pen so sensitive to my feminine needs that they got rid of that pesky Y-chromosome in the middle of the word "cr-stal" and spelled it with an "i" instead! And they made sure to pick the only colors that women love because what says "I'm a woman!" Like pastel! Thank you BIC for designing something I can really use.