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  • Julie Grant - Wish I had read this book sooner!I spent a good part of early 2012 worrying about the possibility of world climate change and other cataclysmic events predicted by many. If I had read Gregg's well researched and reassuring book, I could have saved my self unnecessary distress. This book is a great read for anyone interested in the free will -v- destiny debate. As always, Gregg backs up all of his theories with scientific data. There is no New Age rhetoric here.
  • A. B. Black "A B Black" - Wealth of information contained in this book.There is a cure for a lot of diseases and illnesses,if we search out the many avenues of treatment. We have grown much too accustomed to making an appointment with the doctor and taking their word for what it is and for the best treatment.
    We should each take control of our own health and not just depend on the doctor,which may or may not correctly
    diagnose what is wrong.
  • Spiritually Growing "Stacey" - Great book for eczema, too, but I needed it and more.I think the book is great, but for me it was not enough. I also needed mega-doses of vitamins and minerals to help aid the body in its healing process.

    I had a reaction to amoxycillin a couple years ago. The rash never went away except while I was on a lot of drugs and topically applying steroids. Eventually, I was diagnosed with eczema, but the rash still would not go away. Around October, someone I met told me about the book Healing Psoriasis by Dr. Pagano, so I bought it. I took myself off gluten since many people react to it. I also took myself off nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers - bell, paprika, red, jalapeno, etc.) since the body has difficulty dealing with some toxin they contain when it is compromised. I did not eat foods with sugar. I still did not get better, though. In fact, as winter approached I got worse.

    I eventually saw a nutritional therapist. (Although he has a doctorate, he is not considered a medical doctor.) My immune system was compromised. He put me on 1000mg of primrose oil three times a day, a calcium pill that I take three times a day, and two bio-immunozyme pills three times a day. The pills are taken with meals and the body can more efficiently use the supplements if taken over the course of the day rather than all at once. Three calcium pills contains 50mg Vitamin C, 400 IU of D, 570mg Calcium, 375mg Magnesium, 3mg Boron 60mg Glutamic Acid, and 29 mg L-lysine. Two Bio pills contain 6667IU of A in a natural form, vitamin C and a lot of B-vitamins. Most of the percents of daily values are way over 200%, but because my immunity was compromised I needed that. I don't know that anyone else will want the same products, but the bio pills are sold at amazon at,
    and the calcium at

    The reason for the mega doses was to aid my body in healing itself. The nutritionist also suggested avoiding sugar and milk products and making sure that I get enough fiber and protein in my diet.
    I lived with the rash for over a year before seeing the nutritionist. I saw the nutritionist in December 2008. I noticed a small improvement in 4 weeks. Now about 18 weeks later, I have very little itch and very little rash. I know I am not completely better, but it takes time for the body to clear the toxins (from all the drugs) from itself and heal completely. Unfortunately, I am still unable to eat nightshades. The rash and itching will get worse if I eat any of them.

    I should add that I was tested for allergies and, according to the tests, I am not allergic to any of the fifty or more items that are typically tested. I have attempted going out to eat and it is difficult to find a restaurant that will leave out spices in the cooking. Seasoning salt which frequently has paprika and chili pepper will make me worse. I must watch the chemicals that I breathe as well as the food that I eat. I have unvented gas logs and discovered that using them will cause me to get worse. My husband can use certain strong cleaning agents in another room, but I will still break out from them. Cigarette smoke will also make me worse.
  • Thriller Junkie - Read It, Read It Again, Then Read It A Third Time!I got this book about one month ago and read it the moment it arrived from Amazon. I was STUNNED at the depth of research Mr. Horn presented! I have every one of Tom Horn's books and bar-none, this one is his masterpiece. I decided to read it a second time last week and I got so much more detail that time around. You just can't get everything presented here in only one quick read, trust me on this. This book will upset Evangelical Christians (of which I am one) preconceived views that our founding fathers established America to be a Christian nation. That was hard to digest but Mr. Horn quotes from the documents these men themselves penned. Mr. Horn also nailed the hidden meanings of the symbols of freemasonry, something Dan Brown completely missed in his book The Lost Symbol, originally titled The Lost Key of Solomon by the way. Though Dan Brown's book is fiction based on (some) facts, Tom Horn's book is not fiction and is based on hard and provable evidence. Buy an extra copy to loan out because after you've read this you won't want to part with your copy. It's that good!
  • Laura Freed "Happiness Activist" - A Story of the Old (Keurig) Vs the New (Vue)I had my trusty Keurig B60 for 5 years. Never had a problem - though I'd heard it didn't work so well for other people. I generally drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning, though during winter I might have 2-3 throughout the day. I love STRONG coffee and so, when Keurig first hit the market, there weren't many choices, though now, there are PLENTY.
    Anyway, after 5 years (I used filtered tap water)of a wonderful relationship, my Keurig started to say DESCALE every few weeks. Before this happened, I would usually descale twice a year, and don't recall it ever telling me to until January of 2012. Suddenly, also, it wouldn't brew and was just really acting up. I was going to try and baby my old Keurig and squeeze every bit of life out of it but then...I had no idea the VUE even existed until someone mentioned it on a social media site. I had just received a 20% coupon from a store that sells stuff for the bed, bath and other rooms, and since it was selling for less there and I had a coupon, I decided to take the plunge even after reading the negative reviews here.
    So. Glad. I. Did.
    First things first: Flavor seems much better - not that the old Keurig brewed bad coffee- but this just seems...fresher? Also, as I mentioned, I love strong coffee. While there are now many K-Cups on the market that are really bold, finding flavored bold coffee was zilch. And I love flavored coffee every now and then. When I purchased the VUE it came with a sample of V-cups and there was a Gloria Jeans Hazlenut (medium roast), so I tried it and pressed the Strong button. It was perfect. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical that it could actually brew stronger, but it did!!! Then I tried a Breakfast Blend (light roast) Green Mountain travel mug, used Strong, and used the 12 oz button, and was very pleased! Now, they say for the larger sizes (12-14-18) you should but a "travel mug" coffee. I haven't tried using a regular V-cup with a higher oz cup, so I don't know if it would taste okay or not, but for me - this is such a fabulous feature (the Strong button) because now I can drink flavor coffee and it's more robust using the strong button.
    I have turned up the temp to the max it will go (love a HOT cup of coffee). My first cup was not so hot - but after that initial cup, the rest of the time, it is piping hot! I say this because I don't want anyone to panic after brewing their first cup (like I did!).
    I love the touchscreen. And after it's done brewing it reads "Enjoy!" - I know this is silly, but I feel like it's "talking to me" and I smile at it every time. Just a simple silly little thing, but I love simple silly little things!
    I haven't tried the cocoa or the tea or the ice coffee/tea so I can't comment on that. I never used the cocoa k-cups with my old Keurig and probably won't with this.
    I don't know if the Amazon Vue comes with a variety pack like the one that was included in the one I bought at the store, but I would **think** it would - the variety pack I had included one of: Green Mountain Nantucket Blend, Breakfast Blend travel mug, Tullys French Roast, Barista Prima French Roast, Cafe Escapes cocoa, Timothy's Decafe Colombian, Gloria Jeans Hazlenut, Coffee People Donut House, Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea and Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea.
    I also love the design. I keep my Keurig on the counter in the kitchen. It sits under cabinets and anytime I wanted to add water or put in a K-cup, I would need to pull it out because it was so tall. The Vue is shorter and I don't need to pull it out at all when putting in a V-cup or filling the water. Also, to fill the reservoir, you can take off the whole top OR lift part of it (Keeping it on) and pouring in your water.
    OH! Also, you can raise the platform so if you're using a small cup, it won't spatter - a vast improvement from my old Keurig.
    This is the first day I've used it, so, if I have any problems or anything changes, I will update. If I don't update, I'm still really happy!!!!!!
    Also note, I'm really careful with my money. Mostly all of my clothes shopping is done at a consignment store, I drive a used car, etc...that's also one of the reasons I wanted to baby the old Keurig as long as possible...however, since I am a huge Keurig fan and rarely splurge on anything else...LOL, I decided with the coupon and price at the store (was selling for the price listed on the Keurig online store)to just go for it. Well worth it, in my opinion.