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  • dawnell albers - Good stuff..The taste is great..and I love that it comes in little packet servings. I am very sensitive to caffeine buzz and really don't appreciate that about coffee. I have given up coffee and caffeine drinks for 15 yrs. The ganoderma extract really does what it claims. No addictive tendency noticed! AND, NO BUZZ!!!
  • Ricardo H Scheidemantel - Great book on the most important theme!Great story! And a great book about the currently most important issue for the development of human societies. We are a biological species who managed to protect itself against all its predators, both big and small. This led to uncontrolled growth. Take a look at a picture of the island of Malé, the capital of Maldives, if you want to see how the entire world (including deserts and mountains) would look like in another 300 years, if the birth rates of the 1960's (when The Pill was introduced) were maintained. It's praiseworthy that such a successful writer dares to touch Overpopulation, an issue that is delicate even for the United Nations (see chapter 2 of Population Dynamics and Climate Change) to handle. Working for the largest Development Bank in the world, I've written two books on Overpopulation, addressed to government policy makers. It's really nice to see an author bringing the issue to a broader audience, in non technical terms. Population stabilization policies would be much nicer if most people would be open to talk about it in a more mature way. In the end it's all about the transition from the "ten children family" to the "two children family", where each child replaces each parent on the long run.
  • Liz Nicholson - It's like they NEVER LEFT.... YEA!!!!!!!!Another one for us to wallow in. As I write this, the Croz' and Stills-ified version of Graham Nash's marvelous though controversial 'Almost Gone' has yielded to the unofficial ballad of Crosby, Stills and Nash, 'Wasted on the Way'. All last night I watched the DVD, amazed at the camaraderie of these guys you probably wish you had as your three favorite uncles by now if you are reading this.

    'So, Nash maven, why does THIS release go off the radar?'

    Graham being as sincere, consistent and likable as ever, it's always good to see and hear him. David Crosby has come up with a fine song in 'Radio', and is also in good form. The surprise is how pumped up Stephen Stills is - with a plethora of songs and an overflow of licks, he is allowed to shine, and C/N add just that much more - for example - "Do you think she loves you? Do you think at all?" in 'Bluebird'. As a result, CSN are at the top of their game, and successfully pull off a few numbers they have not performed in years. ('Johnny's Garden' turns into a charming duet with the ever-youthful Nash, the trio can still make one shiver singing 'As I Come of Age', 'So Begins the Task' is everything ALL THREE wanted -- admit it, Stephen! - and OH, YES. They DID IT. Wait till the grand finale. You're gonna love it...)

    Shayne Fontayne is simply the top of the line as one of a stellar supporting cast; not forgetting the indispensable James Raymond, who overflows with talent and has learned that less is more on 'Deja Vu'. Graham looked delighted as always to introduce CSN's backup band.... and there is plenty to look at, you gotta get this if you can't afford front row seats for their tour this year. Good to have this, as it's been a long time coming INDEED, and ... oh, yes. I DID mention the grand finale. Expect fireworks! Love you, David, Stephen and Graham.