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  • Joshua J. Blair "b4huxley" - The sophisticated approach to Diablo 3So I got this game the 18th of may and have put in some solid time on the game in multiple classes before making this review. The game was bought by both me and my wife as anniversary gifts for each other. Currently this game is my only blizzard product in my house I would not consider my self their fan boy or beat writer in any way shape or form. Due to purchasing the game after the initial server stutters and DOS attacks on blizzards servers I have a game that for me has performed flawlessly on blizzards end. I did some research before hand and found out the game would be only on line which for me was no draw back it would be just like playing COD online or any multiplayer shooter online for me. That being said I truthfully prefer single player games over multiplayer games,I think games like Planescape torment, Baldur's gate and any of the elder scrolls are ultimately more fulfilling video game experiences in the scheme of things. So now that I have laid the mortar for the foundation of my review let me begin.

    Sound, the music and sound effects in this game are very well done, Blizzard has a good track record for good music and sound in games, the voices weren't amazing for some characters but it didn't ruin the experience in any way shape or form, the music however did put a nice level of ambience into the game.

    Graphics- to me the least important factor in any game, that being said blizzard did a great job on the graphics of the game, the level of detail to the environments is pretty stunning and unseen for the isometric view in games today. Each area has its own style and is very unique, for the most part the environments manage to be unique throughout the game and each act has its own art style. I loved the way they did the environments for the abyss areas the best they didn't get my personal image of hell perfectly but it did look great like tromping around inside the desicated carcass of a demonic beast. The character models to me were generic yet still managed to be well done though should not have truly been the focus of an isometric view game. My only ding for the graphics of the game were the inability to change the view point in the game or adjust the camera. I can understand that for many games this can create bugs for abilities or transparent environments so for me not a huge deal.

    Story-The story was generic and predictable to me it was like any other action RPG game though as far as storyline goes I wouldn't be playing an action RPG if that's what I wanted. Let's be honest everyone knew exactly what was going to happen in this game, diablo was going to be in the game and the brave heroes were going to kill diablo any one who didn't know something like that wasn't going to happen probably should have looked elsewhere for a game. That being said I did like some of the characters in the game, specifically Shen he is the best character in the game by far, his dialogue is funny and a good change up in the game.

    Gameplay- Now folks this is where the meat and potatoes of this genre come into play, Diablo 3 does exceptionally well when it comes to aspect of controls and gameplay mechanics. Alot of people have had problems with the game being click based, its a computer what did you expect you would be using a crystal ball. Anyways each one of the classes in the game plays very different and is unique to the other classes in the game. The rune system was fantastic and very well implemented its unlike any of the other systems I have seen in games I would say what I like most about the system is that encourages multiple play styles, so though you may have the exact same character as another person you aren't forced into a niche to play that character a certain way. I love the multiplayer component for the game, I love having friends drop into my game and it increasing the challenge and increasing the loot that drops I think the way Blizzard implemented that service was flawless and went without a hitch. For this game the gameplay is its strong point, it is fun exciting and entertaining, I have logged over a 100 hours into this game on several characters both me and my wife still play it together on our shared internet connection. Just to explain our internet is not top of the line its standard cable internet connection and just runs us 30 dollars a month. Also for people are dissatisfied with instant allocation of skill points and talents change the game to elective mode in game play options.

    Overall I think that this game is a solid step in the right direction. I barely played diablo 1 and 2 so I didn't lofty and unrealistic expectations for this game. I hope more games go the only online route, as a matter of fact I hope that hard copies of games disapear for ever and the middle man gets cut out of the gaming industry, that should reduce the price of games because as it stands now as the third world countries these discs are made in get a higher standard of living, these games we love will increase in prices. DRM is the way of the future unfortunately, producers have been burned by us as players and this is a result. I love this game and I am going to play it right now. This is my opinion on this game. I know there are people that literally camp the forums I was debating on making a review because of this, Im talking to you gary Uber troll.
  • Audie R. Sadler - sd cardPerfect for tablets , cellphones and cameras. Love it. Recommend this item for anything. Will buy more when I get the chance.
  • Dr. Success - Kissing Frogs is a Lifetime ActivityWhy I rated this book a five: First, as a practitioner I rate personal development/self-help books on one main criteria: How easy is the book to read and potentially use, i.e.: if the reader is ready, how easy is it to attempt to apply the advice. Second, before buying a book I judge if the author - or in this case - authors, have the knowledge and experience to be giving advice. Clearly, Brain Tracy has invested his life to disseminating good self-motivational and personal development advice. I feel the addition of Christina Stein sufficiently updates Brian's experience with current thinking and research from the therapeutic community. Third, and very important to me personally, the book layout satisfied my odd need to read the last pages of a book first! When I went to the back pages what did I find? A chapter entitled: Action Is Everything. In that chapter the reader has icons to actually guide all the action the book suggests. I took that chapter and began reading the book from the normal direction. I am a reader who likes things short, sweet and to the point. It resonated with me that each chapter offers a subsection entitled: Now Do This. Self-help is about being a self-starter. Now Do This could not be any clearer.
  • Rudolfo - The best album they ever didThis is truly a masterpiece of fine art. I love every song. I cannot seem to understand how it is that there are actually people out there that can find it in themselves to tear down Roger's best work and say that people who like this album are basically idiots with no sense of good music. A lot of people, including that reviewer I aforementioned, were probably turned off ny the length of the songs. But this was simply another way that the album thumbed its nose at the recording industry. After Wish you were here and dark side, PF were being pressured to turn out another radio-friendly album. Instead Roger put his creative genius to work and presented us with Animals, a work of modern art.