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  • "bubish" - What's in a name?This is an incredible album. People criticize this album for not being a typical 'Floyd' album, but who cares what the name on it is? It's good music, and that's all I care about. Even if it were a Brittany Spears album I would love it because it is good music. Please don't judge it as a 'Floyd' album, just judge it as an album.
  • doron shalev - Great !!So far the tablet has been really fun along with helpfull. I origanly got it so that my wife could access etc. That takes away the time we spend together. Our Fun is all the way of the house. Often I found it isolated. This smart thing has allowed us along with myself less restricted or confined to the back on wich it displays me. I have never even manipulated a befor. I always thought they were very limited and could not perform the average tasks. However I have been proven wrong. Surfing !!!!
  • Gayle Kissell - A Book to Give as a GiftThis beautiful book is for everyone. You don't need to be planning a trip to England or even have been there. The writings (some very humorous), the photographs, the illustrations, etc. make it a delightful read anytime or any place (you could be in Italy and enjoy it). Perfect gift! Thanks and Brava Susan Branch.
  • Jason Warwick "alistair51113" - My feelings...I see a majority of people rating this game one star. I don't know if lets you, but after 2 weeks, these people should re-edit their review scores, so these ratings are accurate of the quality of the game, Diablo 3. You could look at it as that it took 12 years for them to complete the game, and I'm not going to give them a day more. Or, give them two weeks in the beginning where most of the errors will be recognized by their user base and patched, and the servers beefed up and running optimum. This is what happens in so many non-blizzard games, and this game is only on Day 3, yet the servers are up and working for me now. The reaction time of Blizzard for fixes is superior, trust me, than the vast majority of other game developers. I can understand you are mad...but are you telling me you are never going to pick up Diablo 3 again? I don't believe that's likely, for, I'd say, 95% of you. You will likely be enjoying this game 2 weeks from now with the way Blizzard moves. But you and I both know, that rating this game one star is more about anger, vituperation, and short-sighted reaction, than an accurate review and judgement of Diablo 3. After a few weeks people will look at your review and score and think that current and precise, when it no longer has any bearing on the current version of the game.

    For those who don't like the mechanics of Diablo 3 as much compared with the previous Diablos, I think a bottom score of 3 stars would express how the game truly is for them. A score of 1 or 2 stars isn't very objective nor true to the scope, execution and polish this game will have in the next few weeks. The DRM on the single player part of Diablo 3 will quickly become as transparent as it should be. In a month, it will soon be the classic balancing that Blizzard does, not fixing bugs. What to nerf, what to adjust. And the best thing about Blizzard is they keep on tweaking and rebalancing for the next 10 years, and anyone who has ever played a Blizzard game knows how compulsive they are about this. And if you still think this is one or two stars...maybe your just not the gamer you used to be, or never were.
  • S. Elliott - We love this stroller!Well built, turns on a dime! Brake works great, though sometimes a bit hard to get your foot under to bring up, but I think that just takes practice.

    The easy breakdown folding and setup out of the trunk is just phenomenal. I smile every time I do it, and I'm not easily impressed, esp since after it all, it really is just a stroller. :)