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  • Gavin F. Brown "gavbrown3" - 571st time's a charmThank you, Hutzler, for not settling for the first 570 versions of this most excellent product, even though I bet you probably got it right by version 2 or 3, I mean b'cause, c'mon, it's just a f*in banana slicer. Yet you persevered, and your perservere-erance has paid off, in the form of Hutzler 571. True fact: this device was used by Will Smith to infect and destroy the alien mothership in "Independence Day." They never saw this Banana Slicer coming. Heintz 57 Sauce seems like a piker by comparison.
  • jamie - 32 GB Micro SD CardI have this device installed on my tablet and use it to store documents and pictures therefore leaving the tablet memory available for other apps. It's a lovely device.
  • Carol M - CaptivatingFabulous book! Beautifully written story that tells about a Brahmin woman's life, starting at the age of 10- when she becomes a bride! That caught my attention, but after reading more into the story, you come to realize that there is nothing illicit about this, or the countless other traditions that are followed. The fascinating rituals that were followed- from the food they prepared and ate, to the way they worshipped, birthing ,marriage, death, widowhood, etc. are described in rich detail. And the many characters, oh the characters, so wonderfully described and believable, seeing how they affected one another, for good or bad. What made the book particularly relevant was the timeline for each chapter - you envisioned the years pass on in the woman's life, which gave it more poignancy. Towards the end, it was difficult to put down such a captivating and well written book! (This novel would be great on MP3 - to listen to as your doing housework or exercising)
  • B. K. Hunt ""read all over"" - another good book from the seriesI've read all the books in the No. 1 Ladies Detective series from this author. They are all good but this one develops the characters even further. There is a sense of place here, in this case, Africa. I have learned something about Africa from these books, and that is always a good thing to say about a book; that you learn something, especially one as entertaining as this one. The main characters are interesting. This series could go on, I've read them all and look forward to the next.