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  • reader - Celiac diseaseMany (most it seems) of the reviews for this book are from sufferers of Crohn's disease and Colitis, and that's fantastic that the SCD helps those conditions. I'd like to chime in on my experience with using it to treat (and hopefully ultimately reverse) Celiac disease. The diet was originally developed to treat Celiac disease, and unfortunately for Celiac sufferers it has fallen out of favor as a treatment for that disorder.

    Celiac disease has ravaged my health and life. I have struggled with food allergies, chemical sensitivities, thyroid problems (multi-nodular goiter), been diagnosed with IBS, Aspergers, ADD, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. All of those things were symptoms of the underlying problem of Celiac disease. When I finally got a Celiac diagnosis and went on a gluten-free diet it seemed to change my life. No longer was I going to doctors' offices on an almost weekly basis (both conventional and alternative approaches). I had been spending thousands of dollars a month on every imaginable therapy and supplement. The gluten-free diet lessened that considerably for about a year. I knew I was on the right path. Then a lot of the symptoms started to slowly return and it was very confusing as I never deviated from the diet.

    After a year of the gluten-free diet the SCD didn't seem quite so restrictive or impossible. And I was desperate. It was probably vanity that got me to make the leap, as my hair had been thinning for years and was only getting worse on the gluten-free diet, to the point that you could see my scalp and I had barely any hair left (I'm female in my 30s).

    I've been on the SCD for 4 months now. It has COMPLETELY reversed all of these conditions. I am not taking any additional supplements or medications of any kind, or doing any other therapies of any kind, or visiting any doctor of any kind. My hair is growing in thicker than it ever has been in my life. The IBS, Aspergers, ADD, thyroid problems, chemical sensitivities, food allergies and chronic fatigue have all faded. My head is clear, my ability to focus has improved enormously, my nerves are calm, my energy level is at least three times or more what it used to be, my strength and physical endurance has gone way up, as have my moods. I feel stronger inside and out.

    As a caution, I will add that the first two months of this diet were at times hellish. Not only the adjustment to the new food protocol, which is indeed very restrictive and can kill your social life, but also because as my body was apparently detoxing I went through various phases of anxiety and irritability and fatigue. But nothing as bad as when my illness peaked about 2 years ago. I recognized them as detox symptoms, and am now thankfully over the hump. All the work and effort has been well worth it. I feel like the SCD saved my life (not to mention my pocketbook).
  • Penmouse - Esoteric and UniqueThe program is esoteric and unique as the tool bars are hidden until needed. In this program, you normally click on a large tool bar located at the top of the computer screen to access the needed brushes, lines or layers. Most programs offer those tool bars at the side of the screen to use as needed. The display is always open rather than hidden as found in the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 program.

    The program feels kind of cluttered if you open most, or all, the tool bars needed to complete the task.

    Recommend especially if you have a tablet or tablet PC.
  • Erin "otter scrubber" - Great, but only for ladies.These are the most magical pens that your lady hands will ever touch. I would love to write more about how much I love these pens, but my husband will be home soon and I have to make sure that dinner is on the table. Plus, I still have to visit the menstrual hut prior to his coming home, so I better get going.
  • Twinkle "Randall" - Office MacThe new Apple iMac does not have microsoft word to type essays or letters. You must purchase Office Mac. I have not used mine yet but I have installed it for future use. I am a teacher and I must have office software. I love anything Apple so far NO complaints. I am a satisfied customer with ALL of Apple's products.
  • fballterp04 - If you follow it you cant FAIL!As a 26yr old never thought I was that big until I started seeing pictures of myself. It was bad lets just say. I weighed in at 232lbds and none of my clothes would fit me. I decided to give this a shot as I know I would not be around others when working out. This program is no walk in the park. However I started noticing the difference within a week or two and by day 40 I really started noticing the difference. Just finished the program and have lost 5.5inches off my waist and 27lbds!! It works as long as you follow the diet and the workout. Have not felt this good in years and plan to not stop. Going to start the 90 days all over again!!! Thank You P90X!!!!