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  • V. Winbush - Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Truth,1958-2009I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson, since his death I found myself annoyed and confused about the information the media was reporting. I was determined to find a book that was truthful and not bashing MJ. After reading Taraborrelli's website I found he has known MJ for years. After getting his book, I could not put it down. It is over 700 pages thick. It shows the human side of MJ, while he was a very complexed person, he was also a human being with feelings. We all have our flaws, and noone is immune to the trials and tribulations of life. No matter what your status is in life. None of us would like to be poked at and made fun of or talked about negatively all the time. That is what the media did to him. Noone ever spends the time to actually talk about all the charities he supported or donated money to. Or how before every concert he would visit the childrens hospital. Or how he would at every concert arrange for underpriviledged children to see the concert and come backstage. Society itself is focused on the negative and not the good in a person, and that is so sad. I can truly say I understand MJ as a human being more than an entertainer. I recommend this book if you are looking for the truth. If you are looking for trash, gossip and all the things the tabloids report, then this book is not for you. The authors even backs up his information in the back of the book with his Source Note, which is by the way 13 pages long. Taraborrelli clears up alot of the rumors that is out there. I was very impressed and please with this book.
  • spirit - Doctor suggested works great!My doctor told me he recomended that I use Align.When I saw the price I thought ok I'll try it for 1 month. Well I did then stopped for 1 week! It works wonders! I didn't realize how much I needed it until I tried to live without it.