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  • John Suykerbuyk - The best alternative to cable TV!I've several Blu Ray players, "smart" TV's and game consoles. The Roku is proving itself to not only be the best alternative to cable TV, its proving itself to be a superior option to cable TV.

    Via the Aereo service, I can use it like a TIVO for all local broadcast while bringing together Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon and a plethora of other services I've just begun to explore. It's user interface is at least as fast and responsive as a PS3 with a picture to match. Unlike the PS3, the people behind the Roku 3 are working their keister's off to support as many services as possible - very effectively I might add!

    Good stuff. For less than a month of cable, you can tell your make your cable TV bill a thing of the past.
  • Teaching Mama "Teaching Mama" - My Kids Love ItMy 3 y.o. got this for Christmas and loves the pre-loaded apps and all of the games we've purchased. This device is durable and easy for her to use. It provides educational and creative entertainment. Her 6 y.o. sister also loves this toy and they frequently take turns or play together. They love creating videos and taking pictures with the device. Pairing this with the rechargeable battery pack sold separately makes this a great beginner tablet for kids.
  • C. Retemeyer "Loves a good deal" - This actually worksI purchased this in January and have used it every two weeks for a total of 5 times now. I am the ideal candidate with somewhat fair skin and dark hair. I have a lot of hair and it grows very fast, so I've shaved my legs every day for the past 35 years. That's a lot of shaving! My hair is not completely gone, but I would say at least 3/4 of it is and what little remains is much finer and softer. I've only replaced the bulb once, using it on both legs, underarms and even the top of my toes, which takes me about 20 minutes. I use it on the highest setting and only in the most sensitive areas (behind the knees), does it hurt just a bit. I'm encouraged that if I keep doing this, eventually I won't have to shave at all. I'm very happy with this item, it's well worth the price.

    Update: I've used this a few more times over the summer and fall for a total of 11 months now. I would say my leg, underarm and bikini hair is 90% gone. And better yet, the hair follicle shadows are fading too. The hair that is left is very soft, and I no longer have to shave daily anymore. Very pleased.