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  • Bevie - This Stuff Saved My MarriageI suffered with recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis for 3 years. I lived on antibiotics to treat the BV then more antibiotics to treat the Yeast Infections from the BV antibiotics! Pure Hell!! My GYN made light of it and just kept writing the prescriptions. My sex life with my husband suffered tremendously. I did not feel sexy and I was always embarrassed about the odor that I just shut down our sex life completely. This caused a strain in our relationship and I became very depressed. My doctor recommended antidepressants...I burst into tears! No more medication...please!!! Thankfully one of the nurses at my GYN's office recommended that I purchase RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplements. She warned me that they were over the counter and pricey, but it was worth a try. I bought them and 5 days later there was no odor and no strange discharge. I have been using them for 8 months and I have had absolutely no odor or problems! Each purchase comes with coupons and Walgreens has them on sale periodically. I just stock up on them when they are on sale or order from when the price is right. Either way... using this product has saved my marriage!!
  • mau - great productThe tablet has a great size i would of like it to have more ram but it works great would defenitaly recomend it to anyone
  • Auskan "Auskan" - External Back ups made easyIf my computer died, I'd be in a world of hurt as it contains my contacts, financial data, photos and many other important files. Backing up is essential and this drive made it easy. The idea is to periodically back up anything I can't afford to lose to the drive, and then store it in a safe location away from the house so that in the event of fire or theft, I can retrieve my data.

    Overall this is very fast and very quiet. When doing backups, the drive is warm but not too hot, as it seems to have ample ventilation holes on the bottom and on the back of its case. Installation is easy via USB, and the 2TB storage is ample to store my data - even with a lot of high quality digital images.
  • Medic1455 "medic1455" - Good stuffThe taste takes a bit to get used to, and initially I didn't use enough liquid and it was like drinking sludge. With a little tweaking, this is my favorite meal replacement. Sometimes I just use water, and sometimes I'll use v-fusion. It doesn't look pretty (at all!), or taste like a foo-foo fruity smoothie, however, this stuff has really made a difference in how I feel, and that is all that matters in my book.
  • Natalie S "ns65" - Romance Junkies review of Pleasure ProlongedErin Shay is thrilled to have been given the chance to head the team of researchers testing a new serum that is made to prolong a couple's sexual pleasure. With her best friends, Laura and Jay, on their honeymoon, Erin is now in charge. Add in the fact that her new assistant, Kale Alexander, is devastatingly handsome and sinfulness personified, and Erin can't wait to get started.

    Kale Alexander is happy to be home for a while. Having lived in a large city for the past few years, Kale finds himself longing for more. Seeing Erin at his friend's wedding, he can't help but be intrigued. Though Erin is perceived as a wild wanton, her eyes tell a very different story. While Erin lets Kale know in no uncertain terms that she is the one calling the shots, he sets out to show her exactly what she is missing.

    I quickly fell under the spell that was Kale Alexander. His charm and charisma captured my heart from his first interaction with Erin. He more than backed up all those non-verbal promises he made with his sensual, heated stares. Erin epitomized a real woman with realistic thoughts and genuine vulnerabilities. Still feeling the effects of a broken heart, she was cautious, but thankfully not cautious enough. I relished the time when she gave herself to the moment and succumbed to the pleasure.

    PLEASURE PROLONGED is book two of the Pleasure Games Series by Cathryn Fox. Having read other stories by Ms. Fox, I jumped at the chance to read PLEASURE PROLONGED. I'm happy to say that I was not disappointed. Full of sexual tension and heated exchanges, this delightful book promised and delivered a great story. While I anxiously await the third book in this series, I plan to go back and re-read Pleasure Control. Hopefully, this will fulfill my need for a Fox "fix" until the next book releases.