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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 22101 McLean, Virginia

  • Breanne-Red - Perfect. just perfect!!!Item fit my Macbook Pro perfectly! I have the A1278 model which is a 13.3" and it works great for it. apple still glows through, color is true to the picture online. Only advice I would give with all the complaints is give the model number it fits in the description to avoid all these dumb complaints about it being for a macbook air and crap. Other than that I love it and it only took 4 days to get to me.
  • Allan Meeks - amazing productivityI have had my Prime for a week now. I have tested just about every aspect of use that would be usable for my needs.
    WiFi/Bluetooth/video playback/PDF reading/battery life/Web Surfing

    *WiFi I have had no issues for connecting with anything. I'm not to particularly needy with my signal strength so i have not really been to anal about the strength but if I can send a wireless print job to a machine over 300 ft away its all good, connecting to customer's WiFi signals, Hospital WiFi and anything that my iPod Touch picks up my Transformer Prime will pick up.

    *Bluetooth I have been syncing any device or phone to send mp3's, and video left and right

    *Video Playback, I run many point of sale booths for concessions at local events. Using this for video has been very good for the one event used so far. I have downloaded 1080p resolution videos and this tablet has yet to hiccup.

    *PDF reading, I know this would be a standard for many thing that has adobe acrobat but It is important for me like tonight When I sat down with a few doctors that wanted documented proof of product information, so i just used Polaris office to bring up the information. I'm also using this as a replacement for Service manual, Service documentation, Part breakdowns for any equipment that I would normally need a laptop to look up or an internet connection.

    *battery life, I pull my transformer Prime off of the charger at about 7:30am and i usually get home about 5pm. that's about 9-1/2 I'm usually at about 45% to 30% battery life after using it for the above uses

    *Web Surfing, when ever I go to a customer site I connect to the internet and log in and out for work, check my companies dispatch screens to look for what i am to do for the day. I also use it for connecting through a VPN to look at inventory for parts and pricing Inquiries. and to check on company vehicle GPS to look for other local technicians to assist if need be. I have used the installed browser and added Firefox, i have to say that using Firefox seems to be faster for certain sites and ASUS's browser seems to be better for others. its all where i need to go to know what browser to use.

    I have noticed a problem with the screen glitching when i have a lot of programs running, but closing this out ends that.
    I have yet to see any real problems with any hardware or software.

    btw if you are looking for a game get RIPTIDE!!!