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  • Lacey Gee - A Watershed Year by Susan SchoenbergerAfter seeing Susan speak about her book at Barnes and Noble I thought I'd try it. Read it in 48 hours because I didn't want to wait to see what happened to little adopted Russian Mat. I fell in love with this "difficult", tenacious and funny little guy, a true-to-life 4 year old that spoke no English! The protagonist, Lucy, was quirky, had a passion for saints and gave me just enough angst to be interesting. Furious when she chased prospective beau Louis away, I still get it. Don't like it, but get it! Loved her out of work executive brother taking a job at TGIF's, while his age-obsessed wife struggles with a humorous mid-life crisis. Lucy's parents are endearing and hysterical. My favorite scene being when Lucy and Mat are at the playground, supposedly alone, to wait for Mat's Russian dad to show up for a threatening showdown and "Nanny" Rosalee pops out from behind a rocking wooden ship for moral support. I hooted! Teachers will find it easy to identify with Lucy's realistic college students. And, finally, I was intrigued by the charming (not maudlin) method Susan uses to unfold the back story of her friend and love, Harlan's, death at 33 years old from cancer and the void it left in her life. I reveled in watching Lucy grow, morph and determinedly open herself to this "watershed" year. Take it to the beach this summer and pull your hat down over your face when you are compelled to cry and laugh!
  • L. Riley - Miracle CureThis may not work the same for you, but I have Crohn's disease and I was on several medications, trying to wean myself off. I started taking two of these a day, and I was able to wean myself off immediately of my prescriptions. Whenever I feel a flare coming, I increase the pills that I take and it has always held off a bad episode. I've been taking this for about 9 months now. I had tried all sorts of other probiotics, including VSL, and did not have the same effect as this one. I read that sometimes taking just ONE bacteria is better than taking several different. But again, I'm sure everyone is different!
  • Fiction Writer - Great For People Who Sleep "Hot"We love our chillows. My son "sleeps hot" and I have hot flashes. Yes, if you wake up during the night, the spot you are on might be body temperature, so just move your head to another spot! The chillow is always WAY cooler than a cool pillow, and stays cool much longer. I also had two for a while - if one got too hot, I flipped the pillow over and used the one tucked in on the other side. Never have had a leakge problem except when one of the cats discovered it, and poked it full of claw holes while it was getting comfortable. I don't understand the people that have the bunching problems unless maybe they are using feather pillows, and wad them up to sleep on them. We use foam pillows that keep their flat shape, and never have a problem.